Back Waxing Procedure

Back Waxing Benefits and Side Effects

While waxing is often performed for aesthetic purposes, some people undergo back waxing as a form of treatment particularly those who suffer from the disadvantages of having thick and course back hair. In some individuals, the hair follicle at the back may become irritated and causes itchiness. Improper handling of such hair and even applying topical products may worsen the situation. The hair follicles can become infected. This becomes worst with the addition of exercise, sweat, and living or working in a generally warm area.

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Waxing applies not only for women but for men as well. In fact, the interest for waxing in general is becoming popular in the male population these days most especially with back waxing. Even local spas and salons now offer the procedure aside from the usual waxing treatments.

Back Waxing and Brazilian Waxing

Back waxing can be done to prevent the spread of infection. Just make sure not to do so when open wounds are present after scratching the back too much. In this case, the person has to wait until the wounds have healed. More and more typical waxing salons and spas are offering back waxing services. This is because there is no additional investment required for them to do so especially if they have other waxing services being offered already. The items used and procedure followed for back waxing will be similar to what is applied for other styles of waxing.

The procedure used for this is similar to Brazilian waxing. The only difference between the two is of course the body area where waxing is performed. Brazilian waxing is comparable to bikini waxing but with a slightly different approach. In Brazilian waxing, hair is stripped off from the front (pubic area), to the buttocks, anus, perineum, and everything else in between. Bikini waxing on the other hand involves the pubic area particularly the bikini line only.

Back Waxing Procedure

The whole back waxing procedure may last from 15 up to 30 minutes. The hair should be around ¼ inch. in length before anything else is done. It will be trimmed in case it is longer than the allowed length.Back Waxing(66835)Credit:

When all is set, the step by step back waxing procedure will be done in the same way as Brazilian waxing is performed. It all starts with the application of talcum powder. The powder prevents the wax from sticking to the skin. The hot wax is then applied with a wax stick and pressed with cloth strip while the wax is still warm. Like an adhesive, the strip sticks with the hair and wax until the mixture cools down. This then signals the time to strip the cloth off. The hair is pulled out by the roots when the strips are removed against the direction of the hair growth.

It is recommended to remove the strips fast to lessen the discomfort and pain. In fact, experienced waxing professionals strip the cloth off as fast as they can. Those who are not yet used to waxing who complain about back waxing pain however can be exempted from the rule. In their case, the strips can be peeled off slowly. Anyway, the tolerance for waxing discomfort improves over time and after undergoing more waxing sessions.

Once the strips are completely peeled off, any remaining hair is removed through tweezers. Finally, lotion is applied to sooth the skin. In some local services, anesthetics which can be applied topically are used instead. Some are even advised to take pain relievers such as Advil before or after the waxing process. 

Back Waxing Benefits and Side Effects

The greatest benefit from back waxing is that it contributes to the prevention of skin infection which begins at the hair follicles as described earlier. Removing hair in unwanted places is also more hygienic. It even increases confidence in men particularly those with a so-called “ape back” characterized by very thick hair strands.

  • Precaution

The discomfort associated with the whole waxing procedure is an issue, however. In some cases, rashes may even develop afterwards. In cases like this, applying hydrocortisone can help soothe skin irritation. It is also recommended to test for allergic reactions about 24 hours before undergoing the procedure. If a sample of the wax to be used can be obtained, then this can be applied on any part of the skin to check. Aside from testing possible allergies to wax, it is also best to avoid tanning salons as well as exposure to direct sunlight a few days before back waxing.

  • Back Waxing Cost

As for expenses, back waxing cost typically ranges between $30 up to $100 depending on the state or salon. The differences in service prices may be dependent on a few factors such as taxes, professional fees, and the brand of wax and other items used during the procedure. Hiring back waxing at home service is also costlier despite being more convenient.

  • How Often to Shave

Among all back waxing side effects, the most important fact is that hair will eventually grow after 3-6 weeks. This varies depending on the waxing services hired or wax used and the person’s hair growth cycle as well as age. It is recommended for those who undergo back waxing for the first time to make a follow up after 2-4 weeks. This is in order to remove hair growing underneath the skin which is normal after the first waxing session. The duration can afterwards vary based on the person’s preferences.

  • Waxing versus Shaving

Once the hair grows back, it means undergoing waxing treatments all over again. It is however more effective to wax back hair than shave it. Aside from the fact that men can’t reach their back to shave the hair, it has to be done regularly. This means asking assistance from someone else to help out on a daily basis although it is more economical to do so at least.