InfoBarrel admins (there is only Kevin and Ryan) will disappear for ages, and it will seem like the site is stuck and they have abandoned it. Contrary to your perceptions, this is not true. This site is their livelihood, and they are constantly working behind the scenes to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, in order to keep InfoBarrel profitable and ahead of the pack. While other sites are reacting to technological developments, the admins here have already addressed the issues because they are very proactive. Plenty of times when a new internet development has been posted to the forums, InfoBarrel admins will respond with, "Oh, yeah, we already implemented that."

The kind of programming and testing they do is extremely labor-intensive. I know, I own a tech company with programmers, and I used to be one myself.

Admins here don't like to announce things until they are successful, and I don't blame them. When they announced they would be working on InfoBarrel 2.0, they were continually bombarded with questions about when it would be ready. Now they play everything close to the chest, and announce when a new feature is ready. Silence on the admins' part doesn't mean they have abandoned the site; it means they are working on something big behind the scenes.

There are frequent questions (sometimes weekly, and sometimes there will be four or five threads on the same day) on the forums, asking about updates to different data on the site. At present, updates to earnings, contests, and features are manual. Just like elevator buttons, poking admins won't make updates happen any faster. They have been doing contests and features for years, and they know they need to update things. If they are not updating, it is because they are working on something else that they feel is more important.

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Earnings reports are particularly tricky, because the data is provided by advertisers, and sometimes advertisers are not noted for their timeliness.

The InfoBarrel admins understand the ease and practicality of automatic updates. However, programming and implementing automatic updates so that they work flawlessly is the work of many months, if not years, of programming, and features like this can take a back seat to more important developments in technology.

You don't have to worry that you won't get paid. Many of the writers here have been around since the early days of InfoBarrel, and they would not still be here if they were not getting paid.

Features and contests are additional perks of InfoBarrel. But understand that they are the icing on the cake, and that they can be discontinued or replaced at any time.

Rather than obsessing about earnings, updates, features, editorial calendars, contests, or other aspects of the site, it is far better to keep on writing. InfoBarrel is a particularly active and engaged site with a very small staff, and you will use your time far more productively writing articles than repeatedly posting in the forums about issues that the site admins already realize need to be addressed. In other words, get back to work!

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