This is a drug approved by the FDA to treat narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disorder which causes excessive sleepiness. The drug is used with sleeping apparatuses for effective treatment of obstructive sleep disorder or sleep apnea. Numerous doctors have also used it to treat variety of other medical conditions. Under a doctor’s care the medication has been extremely valuable for countless patients.

Although this drug was created for a specific purpose, some people are taking advantage of the benefits it provides. Though, along with advantages there are also disadvantages associated with it. This is an article that outlines material surrounding Modafinil and provides you with what you need to know about it.

What it does

All and all the drug controls vital brain chemistry to change sleep and wakefulness conditions. Essentially the class of drugs Modafinil belongs to identified as wakeful promoting agents or what are called nootropic drugs.

Who takes it?

Along with narcolepsy patients, sleep disorder sufferers and a few other related conditions there are only a couple of other cases considered

Lots of people who work nights and sleep days use Modafini to control shift work sleep disorders. These happen to many night shift workers like nurses and other employees working outside of the usual nine to five. Countless have found usefulness with it.


The drug is habit-forming according to a number of physicians; unfortunately it will adjust how your body responds to sleeping and wakefulness, but it cannot cure any type of sleep disorder by itself. It is effective in assisting with sleep disorders along with other methods of treatment.

Abuse of this particular drug can and does occur. People abusing the substance take it in place of getting enough sleep. They will take it to stay awake for longer periods of time than their body would normally do and many admit they felt heightened senses while on it. Countless people compare the abuse of the pills to using methamphetamines.

Students abuse it

Students are also using the drug to stay awake for long periods of time to heighten their study efforts. There have been first-hand accounts of students using it and admitting they are seeing no improvement in their study efforts. In fact, many experience side effects which include headaches, rapid heart rates and heaviness in the chest area.

One student revealed while taking it he was alert and awake, but had a closed attention span and he felt like being in a “zombie like” state. Long term retention of time and information was missing, but in the short run he was able to complete a number of tasks.

He took notes, tests and studied with no recollection of doing any of these tasks. He admitted it prevents creative thinking. He shared if you want to take Modafinil to complete a number of things for one day here and there, go ahead. Though, if you want it to increase your academic scores or tests, do not do it.

Nonprescription Madofinil

You are able to get this drug without a prescription which is not advised. Attaining it while not under the care of a physician is actually dangerous. Lots of people are getting the drug from a variety of companies over the internet without going to a physician. This means they are receiving a feasibly dangerous prescription drug and administering the dosage on their own. They could conceivably overdose or cause irreparable harm with this type of action.

Side effects of the medication

There are tons of side effects associated with taking Modafinil. Which include impaired judgment or confusion? A number of patients admit they suffer hyper focus, headaches and nausea. Some unexpected ones are back pain or burning and tingling in your skin along with some numbness. Even difficulty seeing and reported eye pain are symptoms. Lack of sleep and hyperactivity is the most common adverse effects patients feel.

In conclusion

This is a drug with tons of benefits and advantages when used correctly. Though, there are abusers that take the opportunity to use it without the care of a physician for the side effects they feel are beneficial.

If you are under the care of doctor and are considering using it, review material surrounding it before starting a regiment.


Use this drug under the care of a physician for the best results.

Use this drug under the care of a physician