Your classmate from elementary days suddenly approached you. You didn’t hear a word from him for almost 15 years. He started asking you questions about what you do and how is everyday life. You and your classmate got the conversation going and then all of a sudden you hear him talking about a business opportunity. You heard him say that you can get rich if you grab that business opportunity. Of course, you’re skeptical about that. You’ve already heard stories about people not actually earning anything from that kind of business. You have doubts about trying network marketing because you’ve heard your relatives that they have not much luck at it.

Before you attempt to leave your classmate and reject his offer, you should first ask some questions and verify the facts he told you. You don’t know what you’re missing especially if it’s a legitimate business opportunity. Maybe it could be a way to increase your income in the long term if you just gave yourself a chance to listen to your classmate.

Maybe you have your doubts about doing networking in the Philippines because of the common misconceptions revolving around get-rich-quick schemes. You might have friends that already tried it but they didn’t earn anything. You wanted to try the business opportunity your former classmate is offering you but you’re still not sure. Your former classmate already explained almost everything but you still have your doubts. To help you address your concerns, you should keep in mind the following things:

You still have to work at it for Networking to work

That’s right. Network marketing in the Philippines is not some kind of magic where you just put money and the checks start rolling in. You still have to sell something. You still have to reach out to people and work extra hours before you can expect to earn anything. It’s still a business where you need to sell products or have others to sell them for you. What we’re talking about here are legitimate networking companies. These are companies that provide awesome products or services to people. Whatever these companies are offering, they still need to have customers for the companies to survive and grow.

Many of us Filipinos grab a business opportunity (a networking type) and expect cash to come to our lap just after joining. People will say that it’s just a scam and it’s just a waste of money. Before you believe what they say, you should ask them if they really did the work. You should always keep in mind that it would still take some work to earn legitimately.

Choose the right networking companies

Many successful networkers here in the Philippines (and possibly your former classmate) are successful because they actually chose the already successful networking companies. If you want to make sure it’s legitimate, you should check out if the company is legitimate. You should choose the company that’s been around for years. One reason is that your prospects might have already heard about the company. It will be much easier for them to listen to you if they know you are working with a company they are already familiar with. Another reason is that a company that’s been around for years has already their systems set up. You will get excellent support and you won’t worry much about receiving your pay on time.

It also helps if you choose the one with excellent products or services that truly benefit people. Companies that don’t have excellent products won’t last long. If you really wanted to earn money in the long-term doing networking, the company that you’ll be working with should have excellent products that people will buy for several years to come. The money you’ll earn would come from the money the customers pay for buying the products. It’s essential that the company provide excellent products because you need to believe in what you offer before you can promote yourself and your products. If you know for yourself that what you offer is not good, you would probably give up very soon. Your prospects and customers would know that soon. You will earn some money at the start but it will dry up fast. In addition, your reputation could suffer. This is why you should choose wisely if you want to earn money and make friends at the same time through networking.

Talk to people who already want what you offer

You ride a bus early morning to go to your workplace and a complete stranger suddenly appears beside you talking about a wonderful business opportunity he found. Of course, you would be annoyed and you want to get away as fast as possible. You don’t want to be interrupted and be late especially early morning when you’re going to work. The same thing applies when you do networking. Interruptions are time-consuming and annoying for both you and your prospects. If you want to avoid tons of rejections, you should just stop interrupting people. Rejections can make your face hard but most of them can be avoided so why suffer unnecessarily?

Another situation is when someone offers you products that you’re not interested in. For example, you don’t want to have anything to do with make-ups so it’s natural to refuse your friend telling you to sell them. You also don’t want others to experience that. You should talk to people who might be interested in what you offer and who would be willing to promote the products.

Another helpful tip is approach the people who are already talking about the products you offer. Maybe they still have their doubts (just like you did before) and when you’re there to address their concerns, they would most likely listen to you and possibly, they could be your downline in your business.

It’s very important that you approach the right people for your business. You don’t just approach random people. Maybe it worked for some but you know it consumes a lot of time and effort. The best thing to do is to approach people who already want what you have to offer. It’s much easier and it can assure you commissions in the several years to come.