Patios are a great place to spend most of the summertime. The green scenery, the paved ways and the furniture make it seem almost like a small outdoor living room.

To make the best of living outdoors (not outside your house), you can follow our tips for having great times in your home!

The first thing that comes to mind is of course, the decorations, how are you going to make your patio look as attractive as possible? Well, the simplest thing to do is to browse through Google images, Yahoo and Bing images of other people's patios. You can search for "patio decorations" using the quotes so you will get more accurate results. That would give you an idea or two on how and what you might need to decorate your patio.

There are other ways to get inspired, but the easiest one is to use the images tools online.

Patio Ideas - Making sure you have some privacy:

When working on the decoration of your patio you must take into consideration your privacy. You don't want to have your neighbors checking out whatever you're doing in your backyard. One way to go around this is to install a trellis and try to grow some plants to help cover what you're doing. On the one hand, it's beautiful to look at from any angle (even your neighbors are going to like it). On other, it's not going to cost you a leg and an arm to install a simple trellis. Even the installation won't take more than a day if you do it yourself.

Other than your privacy, you should consider adding other elements that will make it fun to hang out in your patio. Especially in the summertime. Consider adding a grill to barbecue, some wicker furniture to make chilling out more enjoyable.

Colors for your Patio

The idea of a patio is living outdoors. When we choose colors for the living room, we tend to be very traditional, but when it comes to the patio, you can actually go crazy. Orange and yellow are not off limits, other crazy colors are OK as well. So go crazy and have fun with your Patio!