Stress Side Effects You Might Be Surprised To Learn About

It can seem inevitable in our fast paced modern world - stress. Whether its causes be emotional, physical or chemical, stress playes much more of a role in many peoples lives than it should. Although people that have dealt with chronic stress could tell you it's definitely unpleasant, few people understand and appreciate the real havo that stress can wreak on your body, brain and immune system. Stress side effects can range from the physical, like increased fat retention and decreased muscle loss, to the neurological, like hallucinations, decreased self-confidence and memory loss, to the emotional, like outbursts, tantrums, despair and hopelessness. Stress side effects can have a profound impact on your quality of life and should always be taken very seriously and addressed with the help of a medical professional or healer of your choice. The most important thing is to recognize stress side effects quickly and move to address them before they become so much a part of your life that you forget how you used to feel before you were chronically stressed out.

Physical Stress Side Effects

One of the major bodily systems that can be hit the hardest by chronic stress is the endocrine system - the collection of glands, organs and pathways that produce, distribute and signal changes via powerful hormones which can regulate everything from the speed of your metabolism to your mood to your ability to focus mentally and even your reproductive health.

Because stress can have such a profound impact on metabolic bodily chemicals, one of the most common physical stress side effects is rapid and uncontrollable weight gain that seems to come out of nowhere. This kind of stress-induced weight gain especially hits men around their waistline and buttocks, while it can affect women differently. Obviously, rapid and unexpected weight gain gain only intensifies stress issues for someone whose nerves are already frayed and over taxed.

Physical stress side effects can also include random shooting pains throughout various parts of the body include the eyeballs, joints, arms, legs, back and head. If you begin experiencing strange and unusual stabbing pains that feel like lightning and you cannot account for them otherwise, it is possible you are experiencing some severe physical stress side effects. This usually occurs in the case of prolonged and intense stress.

Mental Stress Side Effects

Just as stress can beat down and disrupt the body, so, too, can it do a number on the mind. Mental stress side effects can include mood changes, sudden alterations in personality such as when a typically calm and centered person begins to evince paranoid behavior and speech, and even blackouts and memory loss. Even without consuming any alcohol, very stressed people can experience memory blanks, even for things that only occurred an hour or two ago. This is due to how integral certain hormones, that are affected by stress, are to healthy mental functioning and memory encoding. The fact that an otherwise healthy and sober person can be so negatively affected by stress as to blank out entire chunks of their day should be indication enough as to the seriousness of prolonged episodes of stress!