Facial and body piercings look cool, but you need to be aware of the risks that are associated with them. Possible side effects of facial and body piercings include allergic reactions. skin infections and dental complications. If you are getting a facial and body piercing, you should visit a few shops to check for cleanliness. You should also give your local health department a call to ensure that there have been no complaints against the piercing shop that you are considering. If you need to purchase facial and body jewelry, you should check out stores like Hot Topic. You can get a great deal on the jewelry that is sold by that merchant by using coupons.

Allergic Reactions

When you are getting a facial or body piercing, you should bring your own jewelry with you. To keep costs low, many shops will use jewelry that is made out of nickel and brass. Nickel and brass jewelry is very cheap and can even rust if exposed to water. Many people are allergic to nickel and brass jewelry, but they won't find out until after they have been pierced. The worst time to find out that you are allergic to nickel or brass jewelry is when you are still in pain from your facial or body piercing. Regardless of the piercing that you are getting, you want a solid gold or sterling silver piece of jewelry put into your fresh piercing.

Skin Infections

Skin infections are very common with facial and body piercings. If you notice that the skin around your piercing is swollen, red or warm to the touch, you should see a doctor immediately. If you fail to treat a skin infection, the infection could spread to other parts of your body. Naval piercings take the longest to heal out of any type of facial or body piercing, so you should monitor those piercings for signs of infection on a daily basis. A good piercing shop will send you home with a cleaning solution that you will need to apply to your piercing at least once per day.

Dental Complications

If you are getting your lip or tongue pierced, then you need to be aware of the possible dental complications. Tongue barbells have been known to chip and/or fracture teeth. If you are getting your tongue pierced, you should go with the shortest barbell possible because that will reduce your chances of damaging your teeth. Wearing beaded jewelry in your lip or tongue piercing is also a bad idea because beaded jewelry can become trapped between your teeth. If you are getting your lips or tongue pierced, you should always remove the jewelry while you are sleeping. Rinsing your mouth with an oral rinse a few times a day after you have had your lip or tongue pierced will help your piercing heal faster and will help prevent infection.