Language Learning is Fun!
Credit: Jeltovski

     Being able to speak or understand another language is a very useful skill to have. Unfortunately, many people believe that they won’t be able to learn another language very well or at all because of their age. It’s true that the best time to learn another language is as a child, but this is mainly due to the amount of time that can be given to the language. Learning another language can be easier as an adult in some cases. This is only true if someone really understands where their priorities need to be in order to learn the language and speak it. So, in order to learn a new language, time, motivation, patience, and specific resources are needed.

     One of the most important things required to learn a language is time. As a child, all anyone has to do is go to school for a majority of the day and this is every day until their high school graduation. This gives a large amount of time to learn a new language fluently. They could even learn 3 languages by the time they graduate from college if they wanted. However, as an adult time is in short supply only because of how “busy” adults tend to be. If the time is managed and prioritized correctly, then this will not be as much of a problem. It takes about 600 hours for an English speaker to learn Spanish. If they were to put at least 6 hours per day to learning, studying, and practicing the language, then it would only take them about 100 days to reach an intermediate to advanced level. That’s about 3 months and 10 days. This would mean that all of the pointless television and other less important activities would have to be pushed aside. However, doing this would also mean that having motivation and patience is key.

     For anyone that wants to learn another language, it’s important that they are really motivated to do so and that they have the patience to do it. Learning another language isn’t a “walk in the park.” It can be difficult and tiring when done incorrectly. Learning it the wrong way can also make the process even longer. For example, spending hours in school learning another language doesn’t mean that the student can speak the language. They will need to actively use what they’ve learned in order to fully understand the language. But someone who isn’t motivated will not do this. On the other hand, some people may give up simply because they lack both motivation and patience. It will take a lot of time to learn another language. It can take about 2200 hours to learn Japanese. This is about 92 full days. With the limited amount of time adults have per day, however, this could take a year and two days when studied effectively for 6 hours per day. Still, motivation, patience and time are not enough; having the right resources are also very important.

      In order to learn another language, the right resources are needed.  This means that what someone needs to have to learn the language is important. To learn a language effectively, time needs to be given to the vocabulary, grammar, phrases, writing, reading, and most of all the speech. To learn any of these, having the right book to get started is important. Fortunately, the internet can have all of the resources that anyone could possibly need. There are also plenty of apps to start with for the mobile devices. A good dictionary can be downloaded or bought, and creating simple flash cards on a mobile device or with real tangible flashcards is easy. Anyone can check out a book at their local library as well.  For speaking, writing  in the target language and learning from the mistakes made, a native or fluent person’s help is needed. This is where sites like Lang-8 and Italki are of great use. These websites allow people to interact with other people that are trying to learn another language through writing or chatting online. Having the right resources can be a great help in learning another language.

      For anyone that wants to learn a new language, there are a lot of things to think about first. It’s important to understand how much time it will take. To get a good idea of how much time will be needed, anyone can easily get on Wikipedia and search the amount of hours needed to learn a certain language. Nonetheless, having the motivation and patience to see it through and having the right resources is equally important. Without any of these things no one would learn any other language beyond their native language. Moreover, done correctly, learning another language can be amazing.