If you plan of applying for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, you may start your application online with the help of the Social Security Administration (SSA) website’s online tool.

However, it is very important that you first gather important pieces of information so that you’ll be able to complete the online application. The online tool enables you to save everything you supplied there and return to it at a later time. You can also correct any wrong information you make.

Basic information needed during the application

When you apply online, the very basic information you need to supply are your email address, phone number, physical and mailing address, and your Social Security number (or any other Social Security numbers used in the past). Aside from these, you must also provide the following:

•    Date of birth
•    Date of last work date
•    Your previous names before your marriage (including your maiden names)
•    Your spouse’s name (including his or her date of birth, SS number, and date of marriage)
•    Your children’s names and ages

Vital information related to your work, finances, and Social Security

Aside from the basic information above, you’ll also need to provide the following:

•    Employment date and the name of your employer/s
•    The type of work performed during your years of employment before you became disabled
•    Bank account information (to be used for direct deposit for your Social Security benefits)
•    Total income for the last 3 years
•    A copy of your earnings statement from the Social Security

Upon applying online for the first time, you are given an application number. This should be kept, since this is needed when you want to return from the online tool later if you wish to stop the application.

The application number is also needed in case you want to track your application’s status via a phone call with the SSA. If you lose the number, you’ll have to start the application all over again, as the SSA has no other way to retrieve it for you.

Important reminder when you apply online

Since the SSA does not anymore provide paper checks when handing out disability benefits, you’ll be asked to provide a bank account that will allow the federal agency to directly deposit the benefits into your account. If you cannot provide one, you may contact the SSA for alternative options, such as the use of a DirectExpress debit card or an exemption from the Department of the Treasury.

Incidentally, applying for SSDI benefits can be lengthy and confusing. It would then be beneficial for you to contact a Los Angeles disability lawyer if you have any inquiries with regards the whole application process.