The food products that are regularly found in an individual`s fridge and pantry play a large role in the difficulty for them to follow a proper nutrition plan geared towards weight loss, and the likelihood that they will fall of course from this nutritional plan. These food products do this through their temptation and availability. A fridge and pantry should definitely be well stocked with a large variety of foods; furthermore, that large variety should all compose a nutritionally positive environment, and most of the products should promote weight loss. Realistically, I highly doubt that anybody`s fridge will look like the athletes featured on MTV Cribs with shelves devoted to meal supplements, and drawers filed with lettuce and celery sticks; however, I do believe that a fridge and pantry should include products that are high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.

The food products in a person`s fridge and pantry will largely determine the difficulty for them to follow a nutritional plan because of the temptation that they provide. What they see in there will be what they will be thinking about. For instance, and individual that opens up a freezer door and looks at frozen fruits and vegetables will be less likely to stray from their meal plan than a person that opens up a freezer door and looks at ice cream and popsicles. This likelihood can be attributed to the way that our brain interprets our senses. Vision is the second strongest brain stimulus, with smell being the first. So when that person sees ice cream he is indirectly sending a message to his brain that pushes it to think about ice cream, which in turn will tempt him to consume that unhealthy food product.

The availability of these unhealthy foods also plays a large role in an individual`s ability to follow a nutritional plan. This is because of the simple fact that an individual is more likely to consume that unhealthy food when it is easily available to them. For instance, imagine that 3 individuals are watching the same commercial on television that advertises a new flavour of ice cream. The nearest place to find that ice cream is as follows: Person A-in their freezer, Person B- A grocery store that is 5 blocks away, Person C- A grocery store that is 25 blocks away. The individual person`s willpower also plays a large role; however, solely judging by the availability of the ice cream, the order of likelihood to consume the ice cream is as follows: Person A, Person B, Person C. The availability of the food product is directly correlated with the likelihood that they will fall off track nutritionally and consume that unhealthy food product.

With the above ideas in mind, it is easy to see why an individual should keep their fridge and pantry stocked with healthy food products. Now, I understand that this may be quite difficult when living with 3 or 4 other people as they may not want to eat as healthy as you do; however, attempting to keep the food products as healthy as the situation allows will always product a better result than letting unhealthy food products sit in your fridge and pantry.