If you are considering buying new patio cushions, there are a few things that you should know. At the very least, there are a few points worthy of your attention and consideration. The main thing to consider is the comfort of the cushions. This seems like an overall fairly simple thing to figure out and something that you don't need to read an article about. However, some people do so much shopping and research looking for the best looking patio furniture cushions, but never sit on one. This would be like finding the car you just can't live without and then buying it through a dealer online, without ever driving it.

While it is hard to test drive a patio cushion, you can order the ones you like - as long as they are not some type of custom cushion - and sit on them for a bit. It could just be for a few hours indoors, to literally just get a feel for them. You will quickly realize how they feel and if you will be able to stick with them. If not, simply return them and try again. It may be difficult to do this several times with the same manufacturer, but it is surely worth a try. Another option is to find the chair cushions you like online, then see if your local big box store or home improvement warehouse type place carries them. If so, you can go there and sit on them in person. Sometimes, getting a feel for them in person is quite a bit different for how they look on your computer screen or in a shopping flier. Also, you may be able to negotiate a better price and save on shipping.

What Are Patio Cushions Made of and What Do They Cost?

If you get a standard cushion, it is usually made of a spun polyester-type fabric that has many different properties making it suitable for outdoor use. This fabric is stitched over a pad of some sort, usually a waterproof foam or other type of suitable outdoor material. Some cushions are made with a ultraviolet (UV) resistant coating material that helps your cushions to maintain that fresh color look and also to allow your cushions to last longer. The life of a cushion is critical in determining its long-term worth to you. Getting cheap patio cushions may cost you more in the end for this reason alone.

The cost of patio chair cushions is usually listed as a per cushion price. So, you will see them listed online for say $45 USD. This means that each cushion costs $45, to beat that point home. This is a reasonably priced cushion, by the way. Some more exotic or luxurious type cushions can cost over $100-150 USD each. This is just for a chair cushion. If you are looking at chaise lounger cushions or a bench cushion, for example, the price will be more because of material and labor costs. So, what you need to know is that getting a quality patio cushion is easier if you know what you like, test them out and pay for the best quality you can afford.