If you are planning to date a Sri Lankan woman then it will be helpful to know something about the country and its culture. I know many western men who simply do not know where Sri Lanka is on the globe, and this type of sheer ignorance can spoil your chances of dating women from this beautiful Asian island. 

First things first, Sri Lanka is a small but beautiful island situated just below India. Many people believe that the small tear drop like island is a part of India, however this is a separate country altogether with a rich culture, and different history but very similar to India. The people of this country are warm and friendly with outsiders. 

Difference in Culture 

As a western man, you may find your Sri Lankan girlfriend having different notions about love and dating however this is mainly due to the difference of culture. The real test of a Western man - Asian woman relationship lies in understanding the differences in culture and being able to work out the differences. 

You may find Sri Lankan women believe many things that seem unusual to you, but make sure you do not hurt their sentiments as they are mostly very religious in nature. A vast majority of the population is Buddhist, and Buddhism is based on the teachings of Lord Buddha. The Sri Lankan people believe that harmony should exist between man and nature; the good and bad karma. 

Regards For Religion and Culture 

Besides being religious, Sri Lankan women have great respect for their nation and its rich culture and history. Esala Peraherais is a popular festival in Sri Lanka, and it includes a lot of dancing and merry making. The people wear beautiful traditional costumes and dance around the city and decorated elephants also take part in the festival. The decorated elephants carry the tooth of Buddha. If you express your interest in knowing more about their nation’s culture and history, this will greatly impress a Sri Lankan beauty. 

The people of Sri Lanka are also very fond of their cuisine which is mostly influenced by western foods. Due to the geographical location of the country, the sea traders from Southeast Asia would always stop by the island before going to Europe. The Sri Lankan cuisine is thus influenced by Middle East food and Indian food. 

Like Being Treated With Love and Respect 

Similar to other Asian women, Sri Lankan girls also come from families where women are taught since their childhood to respect their husband, rear children and look after the family. Hence, most women are family oriented and their parents and siblings are very important for them. If you are serious about your Sri Lankan girlfriend and wish to get married to her, you would need to meet her family members and seek her hand in marriage. 

The best place to find single Sri Lankan women is the online dating sites. You can go through the profiles having photos and other details, and contact the woman you are interested in. Be polite and well behaved in your approach, because most Asian women do not like interacting with men who do not treat them with respect. 

If you are decent looking and well behaved in your approach, with a sound financial stability, you will find many attractive Sri Lankan woman wanting to date you.