Whether you are trying to restore your 1987 Ford Mustang or are simply looking to spend some money on your daily driver, upholstery car seats may be the best option that you come across. Not only will this take something that is old and make it brand new, but it will also allow you to fully customize the seats in your vehicle. When you put upholstery car seats into perspective, you will easily see that they are well worth the money that you will be spending on them. You are sitting in those seats literally every single time that you are driving the car; this means that you will probably sit in them for at least 4000 hours for the life of the car. Let’s assume for a second that you are upholstering your car seats at the midpoint of your vehicle’s life; you will be sitting in the new seats for at least another 2000 hours-not a bad investment!Long Straight Upholstery Hand NeedlesCredit: Amazon.com

Upholstery Car Seats Can Cost You A Ton Of Money If You Are Looking For The Job To Be Done Well

Many people will claim that they know how to upholster, but the people that actually have the required skill are few and far in between. You can find a person that will tell you that he knows how to complete upholstery car seats for a cost of $13 per hour; however, somebody that truly knows how to do it will charge a minimum of $30 per hour. This means that you should be prepared to pay a pretty penny if you are looking for the job to be done well!

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You Can Save Money Through Upholstery Car Seats Repair Rather Than Replacing The MaterialPorter-Cable Upholstery StaplerCredit: Amazon.com

Imagine for a second that the leather on your driver’s side seat has developed a small tear, and is quite worn on the bottom portion of the seat. You will be faced with two options in this situation: replace the entire piece of material that covers the seat or pay somebody for an upholstery car seats repair job. Not only will repairing the leather save you a substantial amount of money, but it will also allow you to say that the car seats are entirely original, which will retain some of the value of the vehicle.

It Is Easier Than You Think To Keep Your Upholstery Car Seats Clean-Protector And MaintenanceUpholstery Twist Pins With Clear HeadsCredit: Amazon.com

The number one mistake that people make is accepting their vehicle’s seats from the way that they came from the manufacturer-unprotected! The one thing that I ask would be to at least protect your upholstery car seats after you have paid to have them done! You can use some of these upholstery protectors that are found on Amazon; however, you should choose the one that is meant for your specific material for the best possible results. In addition, you should continue to apply the protector on a regular basis to adherer with the maintenance on your upholstered car seats; doing this will ensure that any spills will not stain the seat, and the material will not get worn out from regular sitting.

You Can Complete An Upholstery Car Seats DIY With Minimal Tools And Experience

Professional upholsterers may charge quite a bit of money to do their job, but it is not that hard to learn how to do it yourself. An upholstery car seats DIY can easily be completed with a simple instructional manual in front of an inexperienced individual. Realistically you are just removing the old material, replacing it with new material, and securing the edges of the cover so that the material is tightly stretched. There are a few tools that you will need such as a special stapler and a few special pliers to stretch the material; however, they can be purchased on Amazon for a discounted price.

Be Sure To Use Any Of The Upholstery Car Seats Kits If You Plan On Doing It Yourself

You can rent all of the tools and instructional manuals that you need for a rather affordable price; however, it may be beneficial to purchase one of the upholstery car seat kits if you plan on doing it more than once. These kits cost about 2 times as much as it would to rent all of the tools that you would need; this means that you would have gotten your money`s worth if you upholstery on two separate occasions. In addition, it is nice to have all of the tools and instructions from one manufacturer (as they come in a kit) as they will definitely produce the best results. However, you should choose the option that is the most cost effective for your specific situation that you are in. Doing this will allow you to be the happiest, and keep the most money in your wallet!

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