Getting a new puppy is an exciting time in any ones life but as soon as you purchase that little furry bundle of joy you're whole world changes. You may be wondering if if there's anything you need to know before bringing a new puppy home and the answer to that is most definitely yes. Much like having a child there's certain things you'll have to change around your home to help your new puppy adapt to its surroundings.

Bringing a New Puppy Home

The first thing I'd recommend you look into before bringing a new puppy home is getting pet insurance. Make sure you're covered for any eventuality as pet care can be quite expensive so it's best to make sure you have the backup of insurance.

Secondly make sure you take a towel with you when you go to collect your new puppy. I probably don't have to explain why! Think of this as another little piece of insurance for the back seats of your car. A new puppy will be very nervous and excited in the car journey home so it's better having a towel there to clean up any mess that the puppy might leave. Ideally you could have the towel in your lap with the puppy on top to give it a little bit of comfort on the scary car ride. Depending on how long the journey is it would be a good idea to stop for a break and let the puppy calm down a little and stretch it's legs. It may also help to stop the puppy from having an accident in the car. It's also good practice for getting your puppy to go to the toilet outside. It's better to start these things early and get the puppy into good habits for the future.

If you have any small children in your home then there's a good chance that your home will be set up in the correct way for a new puppy too. Try and get down to their level and make sure there's nothing dangerous on the ground and this is especially important for electrical items which a puppy might like to chew on! If there's any small toys or things that the puppy could choke on then these items should be put away out of reach. Make sure there are no cords or wires hanging over which the puppy might try to jump up and grab potentially pulling something down on top of their little head. If you do have any children speak to them first about the puppy and make sure they have no surprises when the puppy arrives for the first day. Never leave your puppy alone with young children for the first few weeks. Make sure you're there to observe both the children and the puppies behaviour until they are used to each others company. You can think of this process as puppy proofing your home!

I hope this helps you if you're bringing a new pet into your household and will hopefully give you a few tips for bringing home a new puppy.