What You Should Know About Waikoloa Condos

Waikoloa, on the northwest side of the Big Island of Hawaii, is a popular destination, especially for people interested in finding condos to rent or call their own. Waikoloa has a lot to recommend it - it is on average less intensively hot than Kailua-Kona to the south. It also features fine and varied dining options, perhaps the most luxurious and extensive shopping opportunities on the island, and some of the fanciest, and most expensive hotels and resorts. Waikoloa condos have been cropping up in the past few decades and are usually eagerly snatched up by retirees and those younger families hoping to make the Big island of Hawaii their permanent home. Although there are many wonderful things about waikoloa condos, there are also a couple of potential downfalls you want to thoroughly consider before making the gigantic monetary commitment it can take to get settled into one of the many waikoloa condos available today.

Waikoloa Condos and Amenities - Positives to Keep You Comfortable in Waikoloa

One of the best things to recommend waikoloa condos are their locations. No matter which settlement you choose, you'll never be more than a few minutes drive from pristine natural beaches with crystal clear blue water, whitish sand, and fascinating thriving coral reefs. If you choose waikoloa condos, you can either snorkel and experience the intense diversity of color up-close as you encounter coral formations, fish, urchins and sea turtles, or simply relax and float in the shockingly blue water that is clear enough to see the soft sandy bottom on a sunny day.

Waikoloa is also home to one of Big Islands premiere helicopter touring companies, Blue Island Helicopters. You can schedule helicopter tours all over the island to see some of the most hidden and breath taking natural scenes of beauty like cascading waterfalls and hidden jungle cliffs.

If you choose waikoloa condos you will also be well within reach of some great shopping outlets and gourmet dining options. Waikoloa condos also usually have great restaurants, shops, and even large movie theaters within the complex, so you can enjoy all the finest of dining, shopping and entertainment all from the comfort of home.

Waikoloa condos have some of the best golf courses on the island, so you can enjoy oceanfront tee-offs without even having to drive in some cases.

The Downsides of Waikoloa Condos - What to Watch Out For

There are a couple of potential downsides to waikoloa condos, depending upon your preferences and temperament. For one thing, waikoloa is known jokingly to many Big Island residents as "Wai-ka-blow-you" because of the intense and sometimes relentless high speed ocean winds that come straight inland to waikoloa, unabated by any major land breaks like mountains or trees. Waikoloa is mostly unprotected against these powerful ocean winds, and on certain days they can reach speeds of well over 55 mph!

While driving along the main highway to leads from Kailua-Kona to waikoloa condos, you can expect to feel the wind in your steering wheel, and you will sometimes be forced to hold your driving line against this powerful force of nature. Keep this in mind if you think that waikoloa condos are going to bethe unchanging definition of relaxation and ease. Trying to sit on the patios outside of waikoloa condos can quickly become a lot less relaxing when you're forced to leap up and chase your patio umbrella before it impales your neighbor's barbecue equipment.

Waikoloa condos are also a bit remote from the amenities of the next major port town, Kailua-Kona to the south. A 55 mph highway runs between Kailua-Kona and waikoloa condos, but you can expect to be making this 30+ minute run whenever you want to visit Big Island's only Costco in order to stock up on bulk essentials and wholesale goods. Otherwise, you'll be at the mercy of local supermarkets and the pricely little shops stationed within the compounds of waikoloa condos.