It is not always clear what attitudes or actions your boss wants from you or how he likes to communicate and make important decisions. However, figuring out what he wants from you is very important, and it's smart to create agreed-upon objectives. Below are some tips on how to succeed.

- Do a lot more than you're actually asked to do. What you have been hired to do is the minimum expected. You may be fired for not doing a lot more. You will not be promoted either. In case you cannot handle a lot more work let your boss know. Take work home or be wiling to work late when necessary.

- If your boss wants you to 'pick up the pace' then that is exactly what you should do.

- Do not give any alibis. In case a big project isn't ready on time, it really does not matter why.

- Troubleshoot your own problems. On each project, anticipate potential problems. Also, take steps to prevent them.

- Know-how as well as knowledge is what your boss expects from you.

- Be familiar with what your colleagues do. It's very easy to get caught up in your own job that you lose sight of the company's main goals.

- Consistency is another thing that your boss wants from you. One day you incur profit and other day loss, than it's as good as a goose egg.

- Have respect for the job. Make sure you threat the job as the most important thing you do. No matter where you work - Coca-Cola or in a local Walmart Portrait Studio. Show up on time every day, ready to work.

- Be very flexible. No one really knows what the future holds. Therefore, do not cut your options by refusing to relocate, to learn some new skills, or to explore new job areas within the company.

- Encourage those below and above you. As they move up in the organization, so do you.

- Do not fight. A negative attitude shuts off communication.

- Respect the competition. Lose or win, when a battle is over, you still have to work with your colleagues.

- Be sincere. No situation is so bad that it can't be made worse by lying.

- Do not make too many assumptions. If you are not quite sure what your boss wants from you, in terms work ethics, habits, results, communication style or anything else, than don not try to guess – ask! It's much better to ask what someone means.

- Take the time to discover what he really expects from you. After discussing what he wants from you and the areas it is possible to improvise on, evaluate your work. If necessary, change your working style.

Keep in mind, on the job, pay attention to what your current boss expects from you and not what your previous bosses wanted of you. Furthermore, learn what he expects from you. Understand his work style, which may be based partly on her or his generation. Talk to colleagues about what the boss expects from his employees. Seek out the most successful employees in particular because they will be able to give you some good tips.