There is an undeniable connection between a dog and their owner. A lot of people like to joke that sometimes dogs and owners end up looking similar. While looking like one another may be a phenomenon or unconscious planning, a dog owners choice of breed may actually say something about that owner. Scientists and people like Cesar Milan the dog whisper have speculated that the choice of dog breed and their personalities reflect the personalities of the owner in a very uncanny way.



Bulldogs are determined and persistently attempt a task, this makes the stubborn at times. While bulldogs appear intimidating and have a violent reputation, anyone who owns one know how silly and sappy romantics they truly are. Likewise, the owners of bulldogs can be stubborn, but at heart love to laugh and play around.


Boxers, unlike their close cousin the bulldog, are little bundles of energy. they are always busy and live their lives to the fullest. their owners are similar, they live their life with very little down time and make friends easily. Both boxers and their owners like to unwind from stressfully days with silly behaviors and hard play time, making them both happy-go-lucky people and dogs.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers

Both labs and retrievers are friendly, loving, and all around good family pets. Because of this, owners of either of these dog breeds always put family and friend first. Since both breeds enjoy an active lifestyle, owners may find themselves to be more the outdoor types whether they realize it or not. Essentially, these dogs and by correlation their owners are lead and active social life but when they play, the play hard.

german shepherd

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are seen as fierce protectors, loyal to the end. They can also be shy around new people, but once they become familiar and friendly with them, they will warm up and loyally stand by your side. Their owners are similar. They will do anything for their friends and always protect the ones they love. German Shepherd's usually make fine lifelong companions for those who have a problem making friends, as the dogs do too.


Rottweilers are determined and courageous. Because of their violent reputation, many people find them to be very intimidating. However, because of that they do garner a certain amount of respect. People that own rottweilers have confidence beyond words and are devoted to protecting those around them. Their owners are often pretty laid back, but like their dog companions have short tempers, and can be quick to anger when rubbed the wrong way.


Terrier breeds are energetic and fun loving, when they get a task in their mind they can be incredibly focused. People who own terriers are very much like that. They are flexible to keep up with their energetic dogs and are also very focused workers. You kind of have to be able to focus well with dogs who constantly want to play. Just like the dogs, terrier owners are considered to be brave even when faced with uneven odds and highly competitive. If you own this kind of dog breed, chances are good that you are very talkative and have a great sense of humor.



Pugs are the loveable clowns of the dog world. They are a cheerful and funny breed who enjoy lounging around and most of all getting a solid petting from their owners. Their owners also like to be pampered, they like to relax on the couch or receive massages. Pug owners and their dogs often find good snuggling companions in each other after a hard day of leisurely playing.


Huskies and their owners are the sports fans of the group. Huskies love nothing more than running or playing sports games, even it they are not invited to do so. While husky owners probably like watching sports, they probably like playing sports with their furry companions. However, huskies always do better with cold weather sports, considering their breeding. Regardless, both owner and dog find themselves right at home outside. While the dogs are strong willed they can also be readily welcoming to new people, like their owners.

Great Danes

Great Danes are sappy, soft hearted giants. This breed of dog is generally a serious, they like to get the job done and then go back to the house for some solid relaxing. Owners of Great Danes are responsible and intelligent. they like to be well read and keep up to date on the current events in the world. unlike other dog breed owners, they share the serious streak of their dogs. Great Dane owners also tend to be absolutely hard workers, like their dogs when set to the task.


Poodles and Chihuahuas

These frilly and cutesy dog breeds are fun lovely and sincere in their loyalty and friendship. Because of their size and mellow nature, they make good companions for travel. Their owners are adventurous and often busy people. These dogs and their people pride themselves on a clean and beautiful appearance. The people who own these animals often keep clean homes and like to keep them organized. Though their animals sometimes aren't very helpful to them in that respect. The owners of these breed usually are very flexible, they don't mind a night out on the town or staying at home and kicking back with their furry friends.

Cocker Spaniels

These dogs are the sweetest breeds available. They are respectful and gentle with everyone around them. Their owners are often very affectionate people with an alluring personality. However, the people usually enjoy spending time with a close group of people they know well instead of heading out and meeting new people.

Mutt Breeds

Mutt breeds and their attitudes usually depend on the dogs they are bred from. however, people who opt for a mutt over a pure breed are often caring laid back souls. Mutts are often more laid back and friendly, no matter what breed they come from. People who own mutts show a carefree nature to not pick a dog who is specifically bred for them. Without people to adopt a mixed breed, they would most likely die a lonely death, so their owners obviously have big hearts.