Skinny, Distressed, and Boyfriend, Oh My!

You roll them, you rip them, sometimes you even have to lay on the bed to zip them up. Distressed, worn, torn, boyfriend-fit, low-rise, boot-cut, flared, and skinny. Jeans are a wardrobe staple, but can your style of jeans actually be sending a message about your personality?

Trends come and go, and styles of jeans do follow the fashion trends. In other words, gone are the days where a pair of jeans are just that...a pair of jeans. Remember acid-wash and stone-wash in the late eighties and early nineties? You might be compared to an eighties rocker if you tried to strut your stuff in a pair of acid-wash jeans today. That's right everyone, clean out your closets! These days we're rockin the distressed and the skinny, and I am not referring to a state of mind or body.

If you try to french-roll or peg your pants, you're in for a world of silent criticism. People will whisper and stare. Katie Holmes already tried it, and it didn't even work for her! However if you perform a two-fold cuff, or if your jeans are skinny you can get away with a once-up cuff, you will be fitting in perfectly with the rest of the futuristic jean-sporting masses. The type of roll matters at this stage in the game, and if you aren't mastering it your jeans will tell that dirty little secret called...your age.

So let's discuss the skinny. This style of jean says you are confident, hip, and creative. It is figure flattering, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be skinny to wear the skinny. This style appears more like a legging so it gives extra versatility when pairing it with a top. It is easy to dress this look up with heels, or down with flip-flops. Either way, you're doing it right.

How about those ripped pants? Do they shout sloppy? Not at all. The style of the distressed jean points to a free-spirited character. You have mastered the art of chill, and are proving it with your jeans. Distressed jeans are as unique as the individual wearing them, and that is one of the most appealing aspects of owning a pair. Keep in mind that these jeans might be considered "weekend wear" and are probably not appropriate for school, work, or semi-casual events. Worn wisely, the distressed jean has the ability to make a brilliant personal statement.

The boyfriend-fit jean is probably the one that most people treasure, second only to their favorite sweatpants. These jeans are like your boyfriend's and that means they are comfortable, with a little sex appeal. Wearing the boyfriend style shows that you're not afraid to cut loose and let your hair down once in awhile. These jeans reflect a playful, fun-loving spirit, but unlike a real boyfriend they don't require any commitment. The boyfriend-fit goes great with t-shirts and hoodies, tank-tops, or vees. These jeans don't dress up too well, but considering the name would you really expect them to?

The flared jean is slowly becoming extinct, except for what we have in our closets from the previous five years. The degree of flare is directly proportional to the level of risk that you are exposing yourself to by wearing these jeans in public. Basically they say, "I am not sure when I bought these, but they still seem to fit." Better to go with the low-rise, boot-cut, and throw on some Uggs or Emus to prove that you haven't fallen prey to a fashion time-warp.

Light blue, dark blue, tight, or baggy. Jeans have been ruling our closets in all their glory for more than 50 years. Despite their invention in 1873, they didn't become popular for everyday wear until the 1950's. Everyone can relate to the feeling brought about by a favorite pair of jeans, but just remember that as time passes, so do the styles. Now you have even more reason to pair your jeans with your personality, so head out to find your best fit!