Is Facebook Here to Stay?

A lot of parents wonder whether or not their kids should have a facebook page. Most of us spend a lot of time complaining that, “They’re always on the computer doing that Facebook thing!” or “Don’t you have something better to do like homework?”  Whether we like it or even understand it, Facebook is a fact of life for today’s teenagers and our kids would argue that Facebook has a lot to offer. Facebook has over 500 million active users, and the users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. The top ten reasons why our kids will tell you that they should have a Facebook page are: you can connect with friends, connect with family members, connect with old friends, get invited to upcoming events, upload and tag friends and family, get coupons and deals from companies, see sales first, promote yourself for jobs, play games/ take quizzes, and instant message friends and family anytime! Facebook is all about connecting and staying connected with friends and family and also meeting new people. Sign up for Facebook and be connected with friends and family while having a fun time creating your own personal page.

  • Connecting with friends on Facebook is one of the main reasons why Facebook was created.  By friends posting status and commenting on each other’s pages you can keep up with your friends. See what they’re doing or they can also see what you’re doing. Also you can send private messages to their inbox as well. Facebook can be a very open thing but it can also be very private too. So not everything will be posted on yours or your friend’s walls.
  • Some family aren’t in the same town or even in the same state as where you live. Stay connected with family all across the country by sending them a quick wall post or message on Facebook. Even though you’re not physically by them you will still know what their thinking or doing by seeing statuses they are posting. You can also get updates by specific people to see what they are doing as well.
  • Do you want to re connect with some of your old friends from high school or college?  Since most of the majority of the country has a Facebook, all you have to do is search their name and info into the search engine and add them as one of your friends or send them a message. It’s always fun to catch up with old friends and talk about old memories together! Once you find one of your old friends you can look on their friends list and see if there is any other people you would like to re connect with as well.
  • Get notifications inviting you to upcoming events such as parties, dances, or other events. You can see who else is going and all of the information about the event on the Facebook page. You can either deny your invitation or accept and that will add you on the list of people attending. This can be easy for planning a special event or details on an occasion coming up. Having all of your invitations noted on your personal calendar can make things easier and more organized for you, and get updates telling you when these events are going to be coming up.
  • Upload pictures into different albums according to event, album’s can hold up to 200 pictures. Also, tag your friends in pictures so it will be in their notifications. This makes things easy and organized and also shows other people the fun things you have been doing and what kind of person you are.
  • A ton of companies all have a Facebook. This is another good reason to search around Facebook because you can usually find out new deals or get printable coupons from the webpage.  A lot of companies have deals where if you like their Facebook page you can get something free or get a percentage of your next purchase. It’s a cool way to get deals and coupons not only for you but its also great for companies as well to get their company noticed.
  • Not only can you find deals and coupons on Facebook but also you can find out the upcoming sales for that company. By going on their page you can find out the sweet deals stores have to offer and any specials as well.
  • A lot of jobs now try to find the people they hire on Facebook. They like to go see what the person is like and what kind of person they are planning on hiring for their company, and if their a great match. On Facebook you can promote yourself for jobs and post resumes as well. This is a great way to show your true self to future job openings and have the managers get a real understanding of the kind of person you represent and would represent for their company.
  • On Facebook not only can you connect with friends by commenting or messaging them, you can also play games with them as well! Facebook has many webpage’s full of online games you can play by yourself of with other people online as well. You can also take online fun quizzes to see all different types of things. It’s a fun way to have fun with your friends and also stay connected.
  • Not only can you comment or message your friends, you can also Instant Message. This is a quick and easy way to send your friends something fast, or to have a conversation. It’s great for having quick conversations, just like if you were going to call someone.

Facebook has many great qualities and seems to be a huge hit with everyone in the country and in different countries. Keeping your friends close and keeping people updated is very important these days. Everyone wants to know what other people are doing and who they are going to be with. This is a great way to get connected with everyone around you and to keep that connection. Facebook is a great source of connection that is easy to use and fun to be on. Facebook is a must.