Winter inspires many people to think about traveling. If you live in an area of the world where the months of January, February and sometimes even March are miserable with little sunshine and lots of snow and cold weather, going someplace warm and inviting is hard to resist.

There are times when a tropical vacation is difficult to come by. Consider other locations that work just as well to receive a tropical feel. Think about places like Singapore. Breaking up the cold and bleary winter months with an experience in a warmer climate is something to consider when planning a getaway or vacation for yourself or with your family.

Take into account what Singapore has to offer. Many travelers are ignorant of this amazing city and the joy of traveling here could bring you. The name literally translates to lion city. A number of people refer to it as the garden city of the east.

This island population was established in 1819 and is a remarkable, bustling place full of life and wonder. There are museums and other cultural attractions because tourism is an enormous part of the national economy. 

This is a landmass located between Indonesia and Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Singapore has a large role worldwide in finance and export as well as the communication industry. An enormously diverse population of people resides here with English as the most common language spoken. This is an enormous appeal for a lot of Americans traveling abroad. With a tropical climate and an unemployment rate below 3 percent, the appeal broadens even more.

What does the country have to offer the average traveler?


Shopping is an excellent pastime for a lot of tourist who discover Chanel and Louis Vitton gear on Orchard Road. There is an annual event designed around shopping identified as the Annual Singapore Sale.

When this affair takes place discounts up to 70 percent off retail prices are found. The event is eight weeks long and held during the summer months. The municipality is investing millions in Orchard Road to intensify the encounter shoppers experience while they spend vacation dollars. There are contests, prizes and other enticements to make the greatest shopping experience possible.


The culture of this paradise is a combination of Chinese, Indian and Malay. Strategically placed where the Indian and Pacific Ocean meet, relates to why persons refer to it as the gateway to Asia.


Being so close to the equator means the weather rarely varies as the seasons change. It is warm and humid with an average yearly temperature varying between 67 and 86 degrees. There is a rainy season from the months of November through January, but nothing compared to several inches of snow and ice most Americans experience during these same months. The driest times of the year are May to July.

Getting around

Every part of the metropolis connects with a mass public transit system. This assembly of trains makes it easy for anyone to get around while visiting and sight seeing. Along with trains, taxis and buses are plentiful.  Transportation services are extremely affordable for any budget.

Where to stay

Hotels are diverse and fit a number of incomes. There are hostels, boutiques and even luxury accommodations for visitors.


Food choices offered range from Western dishes, Chinese, Arabic, Malaysian and so much more. Along with a shopping extravaganza there is a Food Fair every July showcasing terrific eats all around.

With a diverse population the variety of ethnic food is delightful. Try some of the hundreds of different delicacies during your visit.

Things to see

They have an enormous amount of sites related to animals. Check out the Jurong Bird Park or Crocodilarium. The bird park shares over 8000 birds in their natural habitats and the Crocodilarium has more than 1000 crocodiles to meet up close and personal.

Because you are on an island, there are plenty of adventures available for underwater activities with ocean animals. The deep-sea experience lets you see an up close glimpse of stingrays, sharks and other aquatic creatures in their natural environment.

Outdoor activities include sites like the Sungei Buluh Natural Park, Orchid Gardens or the Japanese and Chinese Garden. There are natural waterfalls, gateways, fountains and native rain forest to explore at these sites.  There are beautiful botanical gardens which make for romantic and captivating walks any time of day or night.

The nightlife here is exhilarating and exciting. Nightclubs offer dancing and fun and visitors find them electrifying.

Other considerations

Amazingly this is one of the cleanest cities in the world. They take this particular recognition seriously. Fines of up to $1000 are given for littering. This is how they keep their capital so beautiful. Although there are a number of ancient artifacts to see and explore, the majority of structures around this city are new and contemporary.

In a study conducted by Euromonitor several years ago comparing it with eight other Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern countries for travel and tourism, it was the most affordable. When compared against cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo and Dubai. One of the leading enticements was the retail market offered.

In conclusion

Wonderful food, excellent shopping, a lively nightlife along with unique sites to see make Singapore a destination you cannot miss. Beautiful weather and surroundings which are breathtaking make it a very popular vacation spot. The average traveler will find their monies well spent and things to do that are budget conscious at this island location.

this is a wonderful vacation destination not to be missed