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Nerf bars, like so many other great auto add-ons, came from the racing world. Developed for asphalt or dirt oval track race cars, they were mounted on the side of the vehicles so they could bump each other while passing so as not to have their wheels bump. Fast spinning tires coming into contact with another set of fast spinning tires on a track creates serious problems and can lift cars airborne. Usually with bad results.

These of course got modified slightly to fit nicely on Pickups, SUVs, Jeeps & 4x4s, and even Vans. Their purpose shifted towards a nice looking side step to make entering the higher riding vehicles easier. Especially for those on the short side. Usually a round tube with a rubber step on top, they certainly make getting up in there a lot safer and simpler. Especially in nasty weather.

These side tube steps are available in black, chrome, and stainless steel for the most part, and vary in length from simple steps all the way up to full length bars that run the distance between the wheels. Made by such leading auto accessory manufacturers as Westin, Romak, Raptor, Go Rhino, Lund, and others, the style selection available is pretty incredible. This helps every truck from looking like every other truck, and for you to express a little more of who you are!

Generally mounted to the body, these will facilitate the weight of a person climbing aboard, and provide a nice look to your rig. They can also be used as a type of side bull bar for those trips through the brush. For tougher jobs, these can be mounted to the frame of the vehicle, helping it to withstand impact from rocks and stumps and things when you're off-roading. They can also be used as a jacking point if you need to need to work underneath or change a tire. This type of bar really then becomes a Slider or Rock Bar.

Nerf Bar Steps have also been known as Side Steps, Tube Steps, Step Bars, Boss Bars, Step Rails, Step Tubes, Side Tubes, Truck Steps, or just plain Nerf Bars. Any way you call it, their function and purpose is the same. A nice looking way to get up into your rig safely, and with some style! Built steel tough, they will take a lot of action, and retain their good looks. And they are designed to last.

So take a little time, cruise around the various aftermarket web shops, and look around downtown or wherever good looking vehicles congregate, and find a pair of Nerf Bar Steps that fits your rig and your personality. You deserve nothing less!