So you are thinking about blogging for fun and profit. Should you do it? The most important thing to consider is the fun part. If you don't enjoy writing, or messing around with websites, or some aspect of the prospect you probably shouldn't get involved with such a project. While some people DO make money blogging, and we will go over some of the methods how, it isn't an overnight success type gig. If what you like best is talking about the product you are promoting, it may not be necessary to create a whole new webpage to blog on. Lots of companies just include a folksy, one page area to their existing website for blogging purposes.

Let's say for example you sell motorcycle equipment, after market exhausts, helmets, filters that sort of thing. You can sell the stuff on EBay easily enough, but maybe you want to develop a community, like Zappos did for shoes, and Whole Foods did for groceries. Starting a facebook page to promote your business is an inexpensive way to enter the wide world of blogging. A page like MySpace or Facebook will enable you to talk to your customers. It's fun to post pictures of them with their tricked out bikes after they have installed that Deep Texas Sound D&D exhaust, or the schnazzy looking Akropovic, or the custom build Two Brothers. Making friends with your customers can have an effect on repeat business.

Or maybe you have a website up already for your motorcycle store and you want to drive more traffic to it. You could sign up with Twitter and send people "tweets" every time an item goes on sale. Or offer a 5 per cent discount or free shipping for people who mention getting the tweet when they place their order. But maybe you don't want to blog for commercial purposes at all.

I know a woman who began her blog after attending a shaman class. Wanting to share her new found wisdom and insights with the world she set up her own personal blog. This sort of blog won't make you any money unless you are selling products or placing ads around the page. You can sign up with Google Adsense, or affiliates to have tiny banner ads placed around your own words. Most of these ads are really unobtrusive, and frankly, keep the internet free. Because people can click on them and buy things, we don't have to charge people to read our articles on infobarrel.

Think of it like an old fashioned print newspaper. The subscription price alone could not keep any paper in circulation. The big money was always in advertising. Thus the edges and corners of hard copy newspapers have always been edged with movie ads, and ads for tuxedos, restaurants, real estate agents, you name it. In addition to that was the want-ad section, sort of a precursor to Ebay, where individual people could sell things.

Signing up with Adsense is free and takes only a few moments. Once you have an Adsense publisher number you can use that account to load the Adwords on any number of websites you have. Thus you can have one blog devoted to gardening, and another for childcare, and another for plays and dramas in the Bay Area, and pay for all of them through your Adsense ads, or Amazon affiliates ads. If you use a search engine you can find a number of articles on Adsense in Ehow and Infobarrel and, all informational sites. Few of these articles are good. My experience with them was they all said the same thing which I can sum up for you here:

They emphasized picking a color scheme that matches your website. This advice actually comes straight from the Google tutorial which is free. The reason this advice isn't so awesome is because depending on where you are loading the ads you may not have much choice about stuff. IF it is your own website you have built from scratch you can do what you want. With by comparison I noticed I can't implant an ad within my text, as the tutorial shows on Google, because infobarrel itself will remove such an ad. The ads you see around this article, on top and below it, are all inserted by the template specific to Infobarrel, I can't actually control them.

Nonetheless, I would still get paid if a reader clicked on one of those ads. Certainly some of the ads are selling great stuff! I have seen ads for yoga schools and for on-line Universities and all sorts of cool stuff.

Especially Google tracks a person's movement around the web and places ads that match the kinds of things you look at all around you. As anyone with a gmail email account can attest to, if you send your friend an email about real estate in your area, the next time you log in to check your mail, all the ads to the right of your inbox will be about real estate! If you write to you next friend about relationships, you will start to see ads for If you don't believe me, try it, write an email about some obscure topic, zebras or shark's fins and you will see that topic show up in the ads the next time you log in.

The next thing to know about blogging is that people expect blogs to be updated more often than the average website. If you are blogging about your weight loss, people want a daily update, if not several times a day. If you are blogging on your pregnancy, people are probably going to want pictures. Blog on something of interest to you because you are going to be spending a lot of time talking about it.

Pick a domain name for your blog that is descriptive and easy for people to find. Be wary of picking names that can be read in more than one way. "Abundancenetwork" can also be read A bun dance, network. Maybe you don't want visions of dancing bread in people's minds.