Groomsmen gifts are a way of thanking your friends and family for being a part of your bridal party. Charles Trywhitt and Thompson Cigar have these types of products. You'll need to decide whether you want a humorous, useful, or fashionable present.

Apparel Presents

Keep your groomsmen looking sharp by offering up accessories to wear on the actual wedding day. You'll want to give these gifts out before the wedding, preferably at the rehearsal dinner. Cufflinks are traditional presents, but you can get a custom look. Try a high end fashion accessory with sterling silver and your choice of semi precious stone. This could relate back to the color of your wedding with mother of pearl, coral or lapis stones. It could also just keep within the usual black and white tuxedo color palette with mother of pearl or onyx accents.

You can upgrade a basic tuxedo or suit rental with a handmade silk tie. This can match the bridesmaids' dresses. If you go with a traditional necktie instead of a bow tie then the groomsmen can wear this for a lot of different occasions afterwards.

Thank You Gifts

Groomsmen gifts can be useful later on. You could also include a cigar cutter and sampler of cigars. You can even have your own personalized cigar band with your monogram or the date of your wedding to tie it back in with your big day.

It might be appropriate to give each groomsman the same present but customize it in subtle ways. Try out humidors with different wood patterns or inlays. The inlay can also relate back to your wedding, like a leaf shape for a fall event. You could get a cigar humidifier or a lead crystal lighter for groomsmen that already have humidors. This allows you to shop at one store to save on shipping charges and time, but still get unique presents.

Theme Gifts

Another direction you can take your gift giving into is to incorporate your wedding theme or location. For a Vegas wedding, consider giving high end poker sets. You could also assemble a gift basket full of local food like maple syrup or jam.

This is also a chance to celebrate your friendship. You could give presents with a specific theme such as a sports team logo. Incorporate a favorite hobby such as golf or grilling. Think about whatever activity you usually share with your friends to pick out presents that the bridal party will actually use. It can relate back to the wedding with the color palette or fabric.

Personalized Presents

Adding a monogram to a silver or stainless steel item adds a custom touch. You can try this out on anything from mugs, watches, golf club covers or a money clip. A higher end present would be an engraved pocket watch. A multiple purpose item would be a duffle bag with custom lettering.