Recently I was out looking for a new pair of sunglasses since my previous pair broke. This time I was going to spend a little more money and get a decent pair. I was looking at some and I noticed that they were described as "Asian Fit" sunglasses, which I thought was an odd thing to put. I noticed that the high end glasses use this type of description and I also noticed "European Fit" sunglasses too.

The simple description is that sunglasses are designed to fit Asian facial features and anatomy. Even though it is described as that, it can be used by regular people no matter where you're ancestry comes from. It's really just changes in the design of the glasses so that that they fit better. I noticed that the Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses were perfect for me, yet I was not an Asian person. Below are some of the main features that they change.

Nose Bridge

The area of the sunglasses that touch your nose is actually narrowed and deepened. Many people experience their sunglasses sliding down their nose and this is something that I also experienced. It was quite annoying because I would always have to keep pushing it back toward of my face. It's just a tiny little change to the usual designs and it helps the glasses fit better.

Nose Pads

On the sunglasses you would notice that you have little pads that settle on your nose when you put on your sunglasses. The sizes of these are very important for keeping the glasses in the right position the whole time you're wearing it. Bigger pads are added to help keep the sunglasses as high as they can, so you experience better vision while using it.

Adjustable Pads

The pads are also adjustable for you to move around. This isn't anything related to being Asian, but gives you the option to customize the glasses to fit your unique nose bridge size. It's a relatively simple feature, but quite effective for the average person.

Ear Stems

The ear stems, which hold the sunglasses on your face, are changed a little bit. Asian people tend to experience ear stems that press on the temple area and it makes it quite uncomfortable for wearing. What they did was made the stems a little more concaved (curved), so there isn't pressure put on the side of the head.

These are basically all the features that make up Asian fit sunglasses. As I stated earlier, you don't have to be Asian to wear glasses like this. You should give it a try and just see how they fit. If they fit better than you know this is the type of fit that you should be looking for. Oakley produces very expensive products, but the expensive helps pay for things like Asian fit and other sophisticated technology. You can even find Asian fit with their cheaper Oakley Scalpel sunglasses.