What are Bonsai trees?

Many people think about tiny little Japanese trees cut and trimmed into a dwarf size, but literally speaking Bonsai means "plant in a tray" and even though they are smaller than their wild counterparts, they don't need to be a few inches tall; they can be grown within a pot in the backyard and will be small compared to their wild counterparts.bonsai3

Misconceptions about Bonsai trees

Many people feel that re-training Bonsai trees is a cruel pastime because the grower starves the tree and cuts it to such a level it will become detrimental. Quite the opposite is actually true; while they're cut and pruned fairly intensely to help keep the tree to the size of the pot, they normally are moved from pot to pot frequently and are fed and watered much more often than their wild cousins.

In contrast to perception, Bonsai trees don't come from Japan, but you can find records going back greater than 2000 years that show Bonsai being grown in China. These Bonsai were not as small as the Bonsai that people often visualize, and were grown on an individual basis outside in containers. It was, though, the Japanese that got this talent and advanced it to the level it really is these days. It has resulted in very different styles in Japanese and Chinese Bonsai; the Chinese Bonsai staying much more freestyle and more lightly pruned than the Japanese miniature Bonsai that are very intensely groomed and pruned and look much more like miniature natural versions of the full sized versions.

Bonsais don't live diminished lives compared to wild trees. They regularly survive for generations and are traditionally handed down from one generation to another of family members. They live almost exactly the same period as their wild cousins and are usually far healthier due to the attention they receive.

The advantages of growing Bonsai

Not everybody has a big garden where they are able to plant many trees and allow them to grow as large as they require, as well as people who have big gardens still must wait around for a long time before the tree becomes really established. By raising Bonsai you will not need any more space than the dimensions of your container and because you merely get them to develop too much smaller size, it really is available for anyone who is interested in growing Bonsai trees. You may even grow them indoors if you can recreate the proper environments for the tree you would like to grow.

Growing Bonsai trees can quickly turn into an addictive pastime and requires care about detail, experience of how the tree will develop and lots of time and care. You'll undoubtedly experience enormous satisfaction if you choose to grow Bonsai and are any good at it.