Cockatiels are a very popular choice when it comes to exotic birds. They are wonderful companions that love to entertain and give lots of love and affection to their owners. Cockatiels aren't nearly as loud as most parrots so some people prefer them.

They can be white, gray or yellow in all over body color. Even with these color variations they are not hard to recognize with the orange patches on their cheeks and yellow crests on their heads.

Cockatiels love receiving attention from their owners. They are not as destructive as other parrots and their activity is more enjoyed in company with their owner being talked to. If you plan on purchasing a cockatiel, make sure that you spend time with him/her every day so they do not die from loneliness.

A lot of birds do not like to be touched, even if they have been a part of your family for years. Cockatiels enjoy being preened and petted and will bend their head to you requesting that you pet them. They also like to pet you, so don't be too worried when you cockatiel digs around in your hair, mustache and eyebrows.

Depending on the environment that a cockatiel lives in and the nutrition that they receive their average life span in captivity ranges form 15 to 20 years. Cockatiels need a range of foods in their diet. They love fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, and macaroni and cheese. Some table scraps are even enjoyed from time to time.

They also need to have their beauty rest to say healthy. A cockatiel needs to up to 12 hours of sleep every night; this is good new for you since you won't have a bird keeping you awake all night long.

Due to their gentle and affectionate nature and intelligence, cockatiels are wonderful to have as a part of your family and in all truth they are one of my personal favorite pets to have.