Egyptian cotton sheets are made of 100% cotton.  The type of cotton that that is used in these sheets is long fiber cotton which gives this material its soft feel.  It is important when shopping for these luxury sheets that you check to ensure that what you are buying is not any type of cotton blend. 

One thing that can fool people new to Egyptian cotton is that it doesn’t start out as soft as they might expect.  These sheets get softer the more that they are washed.  If your new sheets feel a little rough wash them and see what a difference it makes.  Don’t be disappointed in your sheets, just do a quick load of laundry and then you can take a nap.

Luxury bedclothes don’t come cheap but they are less rare than they once were and can now be found in almost any department store.  They’ll cost more than standard sheets but are worth the added expense.

Since Egyptian cotton is a specialty sheet the fitted sheets that you get might be deep pocket sheets.  If you have a standard mattress that a deep pocket sheet won’t fit on make sure you check the label of what you are buying for the sheet size.  Making sure that you have the right size to begin with means you don’t have to spend any time in the return line of wherever you purchased them.

The next thing to check when buying your new bedding is the thread count.  If you are buying fancy sheets you might as well make sure that they have as high a thread count as you can afford.  The higher the number the better quality your sheets will be.

There are places in life where pampering yourself can be a good thing.  The bedroom is one of those places.  You don’t have to be rich anymore to sleep like a king.  These sheets will be comfortable and help you to rest better.  If you are going to spend some money on new sheets and can afford a little more, go ahead and treat yourself.