The progress of technology has made our lives a lot easier but it has also increased the time we spend sitting at the computer which affects our health in several ways. If you are experiencing back pain, there is a great chance that it is related to sedentary lifestyle. Do not believe it? Just think about how much time you spend at the computer. If you work in an office or from home, you sit about 8 to 9 hours a day only to work. Then count in the time you spend browsing the Internet, talking to your friends online and online shopping, and you will probably discover that you spend most of your day sitting.


The key to a healthier lifestyle is, of course, regular exercise but there is also a great way to reduce the siting-related problems such as back pain while you are sitting – exercise ball chairs. They are a type of ergonomic chairs which force you to improve your posture while sitting but the thing that makes them different from other ergonomic chairs and the chair you may be sitting on while reading these lines is the fact that you are actually sitting on a ball instead of a solid surface. The ball forces you to keep the balance all the time in order to be able to actually sit. This may be annoying at first and even cause some back pain, however, this pain is normal and goes away after a few days. When you learn to sit on the thing, you will automatically straighten your spine and maintain the correct sitting posture all day long. As a result, you will no longer feel low back pain.


Exercise ball chairs will also help improve blood circulation in your feet because they require both feet down at a 90 degrees angle to keep the balance. What is more, keeping the balance forces your abdominal muscles to work enabling you to lose fat on your stomach while sitting. Yes, you have read right. It may seem hard to believe that sitting on an unstable round surface enables you to get a flatter stomach but this is exactly what happens when you learn to keep the balance while sitting on the thing. After all, why do you think that it is called exercise ball chair?


You can only benefit from an exercise ball chair, however, it is crucial to choose the right one. There are several types of these chairs and you need to find one that fits you perfectly to benefit from sitting on an unstable round surface. When choosing an exercise ball chair, pay attention to the dimensions and make sure that your arms are aligned with your desk perfectly when sitting on the thing. Please consult with your doctor before replacing your office chair if you suffer from back pain due to an underlying medical condition or if you had a back surgery recently.