What is known as female herpes or herpes genitalis is an infection that is caused by a virus. This virus could be herpes simplex virus type 1 or the most common, which is herpes simplex virus type 2. These viruses infect most of the animal species. These two types of viruses are present in humans. They cause the skin to have cold sores and blemishes often in the genital area or they could appear on the face.

HSV-1 is the cause of facial herpes, while HSV-2 causes herpes in the genital area. Herpes on the face are very common. They usually appear on the lips as cold sores. The genital type of herpes appears on the area below the waistline. The sores that it causes look like the same as the facial ones, but the symptoms and signs are different for female herpes sufferers.

What is very interesting is the virus that causes herpes come from the same family that causes chickenpox. Female herpes are not fatal and are easy to identify, but some of its victims are unaware that they have become infected. Unfortunately, the symptoms are not obvious for them to feel until there is a break out. Women and men can transmit the virus to their partners through sexual intercourse and skin contact.

The earliest sign for herpes women are rashes on the vaginal area that are very small and almost unrecognizable. Most women often neglect the first signs as they just appear like a pimple on the area. The average time before the female herpes will show its first symptoms may take up to three weeks. Usually the first sign is the appearance of pimple like boils near the vagina. These herpes can also infect the thighs, buttocks and even spread inside the uterus.

The viruses can be transmitted easily through scratching or contact of the infected skin to other body parts. When the signs are beginning to become visible, an infected person may experience hot pain or tingling before and after herpes lesions appear on the skin. When urinating, a burning sensation may be felt. Muscle pain or pain in the lower back area, and even headaches are also additional symptoms of having been infected by the virus.

Female herpes is one of the viruses that are hard to treat and eliminate from the human body. Around seventy percent of infected people have a recurrence of the infection all through their lives. Though the succeeding outbreaks of a herpes infection are not as uncomfortable and painful as its first attack, it still has to be treated as it is a very contagious type of medical condition. Herpes can be treated easily, but the virus is almost impossible to remove from the body that is why there is a big chance of having breakouts develop again. There is no treatment yet available to totally kill the virus from the body, but preventing it from recurring is possible with proper medication and observing a healthy lifestyle and diet. It can deactivate the virus and help minimize the pain and discomfort when it is activated again.

There are things female herpes suffers can do. The virus lies dormant in the nerve of the spine until it can find its way to attack again. There are also various things you can do to help alleviate some of the symptoms. The first is to take 500mg a day of Lysine. Avoid taking it with dairy, meat or white sugar as these can aggravate the symptoms. This is a supplement that is readily available at drugstores. Also there are foods such as chocolate, peanuts, wheat, raisins and some grains that contain arginine, which can trigger outbreaks. It is very important to avoid these foods. Some beneficial foods are fruits, vegetables and beans. If you are not sure about what to do, you can see your doctor.

There are new drugs on the market that can benefit you in preventing outbreaks especially for female herpes sufferers. It is important to take swift precautions in daily activities to prevent the symptoms of the virus infection from popping up again. When the body's immune system is low, this is the greatest chance of the virus to create a lesion on the skin. Herpes virus is in its most contagious stage when the symptoms are visible. When you can feel an outbreak coming, do not involve yourself in activities that might transmit the infection to other people as the virus can be easily transmitted by just simple skin contact. Find out all you can about genital herpes. Women need to be especially careful of their partners because it is much more detrimental to them reproductively than to men. There are a lot of things you can do to help your body recover from herpes. You just have to figure out what will work the best for you. Prevention is the best cure.

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