Iwako Erasers Fruit Juice

What in the world are Iwako Erasers? Well these erasers are a growing trend and are becoming a collectors item among eraser enthusiast all over the world, most commonly children. Iwako Erasers are made in Japan and have remarkable quality. Best of all, these are toxic free and made of environmental safe, recycled products. It's a good thing, because these look good enough to eat!

Iwako Erasers come in an array of shapes and colors. Many resemble foods, Western and Japanese traditional foods, sweets, confections, fruits, vegetables and even meats. Also available are cute animals, vehicles, and tons of different objects and shapes. The possibilities are endless. These erasers not only eraser, but some even come apart, like a puzzle, becoming an educational toy. These are also a great way to teach children about different cultures.

Does this sound silly? Well, not at all. This is such a serious hobby, that an official collectors book is now available. What else is available? Carrying cases, serving trays for the foods, and bags. Even kitchen utensils for the food erasers are available such as, cooking pots and pans, spatulas, forks, spoons and even chopsticks!

Children of all ages will be anxious to get started collecting, if they haven't already. Many children will be meeting on the play ground, on the bus, at the lunch table and after school to trade erasers and oooh and ahhh over each others collections. Children will even be having tea parties, dinner parties and lunch dates with their serving trays and scrumptious Iwako Erasers. Of course they are not for eating literally but if a child does happen to accidently consume one, don't worry, they are not toxic.

Like anything that becomes a trend and popular, fake Iwako Erasers are popping up everywhere. How do you spot a fake? Keep an eye out for spelling of the name brand. The fakes will usually have poor craftsmanship and uneven edges. All Iwako Erasers are made in Japan and most usually an spoof product will say something like "Made in China". Fake products might contain toxins and lead.

Iwako Erasers are made for children ages 8 years and up. They are made of high quality, non toxic materials and meet all requirements for international safety standards. Of course with any collectable item there will be some Iwako Erasers that are rarer than others. Some will only be available in Japan, while others will be sold world wide. Some will be available by the singles, and some will come in blister packs and sets. These are becoming easier to find than in the past because they are available in selected stores throughout the USA and online, making them more obtainable to collect.

Like any parent, I am so excited to see a product that doesn't promote violence that is trendy and popular. I am also excited to be able to use these to teach my son about Japanese culture. It's also a relief that if my nieces or nephews chew on them, they are not consuming lead.