Laptops need to look cool too. A lot of people usually like to buy various laptop designs that'd most likely generate praise from friends, acquaintances, or just mere passersby. However, that option can be a bit expensive. The solution then would be to just get a good enough laptop and buy skins. Laptop skins are the new trend these days. For women, the pink laptop designs are a must-have.

What are laptop skins?

Laptop skins are basically those things you see that are stuck on top of a laptop/notebook cover. In essence, they're stickers. Basically, they're installed onto the back of a laptop's LCD screen. They're usually made from vinyl adhesives with designs on the top side. The various designs on it allow for a laptop to have a sense of identity. From pink laptop skins to flashy fractal designs, your laptop will look cooler than ever.

Pros and cons

Basically, laptop skins are waterproof as well as slash proof. They're durable, reusable, and the fine printing quality of the colors do not easily fade. Also, some skins are designed to protect your laptop from the sun's UV rays, so that's a big plus too. The only downside to it (albeit, a very minor thing) is that some skin types are hard to remove. It can be annoying to clean up the paper residue with some skin types. However, it's important to note that these bad adhesive types are rare. Most laptop skins are easily removable so you can replace them anytime you want.

What to look for

Aside from the fact that you have to choose laptop skins that can be removed easily, you also have to choose the ones that can be installed easily too. If it's your first time buying one, make sure that it comes with instructions on how to install them. Also, check how vivid the color is. Pink laptop skins aren't hard to find but they certainly need to be colorful enough to be noticeable. Never settle for anything less than a glossy design of your laptop skin.

The different types

There are probably 4 types of laptop skins; namely: transparent, plain, decorated, and theme-filled. Transparent skins are just the ones used to protect the laptop from scratches or UV rays with no apparent design at all. Plain skins are obviously the ones that only have one color and the most popular are for pink laptops. Decorated skins are basically those abstract designs that are sometimes customized or just plain fancy. Themed skins are those with popular stuff designs on them like celebrities, sports logos, etc.

How much are they?

The price of some laptop skins can go as low as $5 to $10. Depending on the design and print quality, a laptop skin can even go as high as $30 to $40. An average of $19 is probably a good estimate for the usual prices. However, this is not accurate as some designs can even fluctuate around $50 to $70.

Laptop skins are certainly the new trend, especially the pink laptop skins that are mainly for the women. They're basically sold in stores but you can certainly go online to browse for even more designs that you think would suit your taste. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions properly.