What is an Lolcat Image?

An Lolcat image is simply a picture of a cat with a caption generally consisting of intentionally broken english. Even the language used for the captions has a name; "Kitteh", "Lolspeak" or "Kitty Pidgin" are the names typically handed out to lolcat dialect which usually consists of current internet slang.

History of LolCats

While people have been taking photographs of animals performing human activities for over a hundred years, lolcats (a human edited picture of a cat combined with a caption) specifically started popping up on an imageboard called 4chan sometime in 2005. The popularity of LolCats increased when the website lolcats.com came out in June 2006. The pictures with hilarious captions of cats doing human like things spread message board to message board like wild fire. LolCats eventually exploded all over the internet after the launch of 'I Can Has Cheezburger', which was launched in early 2007. Now Lolcat pictures can be seen all over the Internet; chances are you have seen LOLCat pictures without even realizing there was a name for them.

Lolcat Pictures

Rar! Suprise Cannibalism!!!

Cannibal LolCat

I made you a cookie... but I eated it.

I Made You Cookie LolCat

You has been HEALED by the power of JEEEZUSSS

Healed by Jesus LolCat

Hovercat... is hovering

Hover Cat LolCat

I Can has cheezburger?

I Can Has Cheezburger LolCat

I iz ded. Ded kitties dont need baths

I Iz Dead LolCat

Oh Noes! I Has let go!

Let Go LolCat

Monorail Cat

Monorail LolCat

Sometimz I screemz when I eez alone

Screem LolCat

Im in ur shower, what can I do :(

Shower LolCat