Advantages of QR codes

Disadvantages of QR Codes

QR in QR codes[1403] stand for Quick Response. It is a two-dimensional code which consists of black modules that are shaped like a square on a white background. QR code is different from a bar code, although they have been compared numerous times. As the name suggests, bar codes are in the form of bar or lines grouped together.

QR code is used to encode with data such as numerical (binary, hexadecimal) or alphabetical and various other encoding languages. It was first used for the automotive industry but it is now applied into various other industries because it is capable of storing data in large amounts and is also easy to read.

Origin of QR Codes

QR codes were designed by a subsidiary of Toyota, Denso Wave, to whom the QR code trademark is registered under. It was designed to track vehicles during manufacturing the process. It can be decoded at lightning-fast speed which makes it highly efficient and helps increase work flow.

The use of QR code has developed a lot so you can now customize your very own QR code with different colors and other format. It doesn't have to be black modules anymore. It can be green, blue or red and so on.

Depending on what data you choose to store a QR code (numbers, alphanumeric, and kanji which is a Japanese language) with, the amount of data which can be stored varies. Kanji has the lowest storage capacity at a maximum of 1,817 characters only while decimal number has the highest storage capacity at a maximum of 7,089 characters.

With adverts printed on magazines and billboards etc., you cannot easily make changes. When you want to change the product you are advertising, you will need to print a replacement, which will cost you more money and take up most of your time. With QR codes, you don't have to reprint anything. All you have to do is change the redirected link to a new one. Thus, you can use the same QR code to advertise different products without additional costs.

QR code can be printed anywhere and on any type of materials, whether its paper or plastic or anything. So the possibilities of mobile marketing with the use of QR codes are limitless. Their form factor is small and compact so they won't take up much space, but they can act as a gateway to a website or data with countless information.

QR code is a registered ISO standard so it is free of any license and thus can be used by anyone without having to worry about copyright or intellectual theft issues.

Microsoft too has come up with its own version of QR codes named MS tags. QR codes can be read by a reader or a mobile phone with a camera but an MS tag can only be read by a Microsoft Tag Reader.

Bar Codes versus QR codes

You have probably heard about bar codes and bar code readers and how an app in your mobile lets you read bar codes. Well, it's going to do the same with QR codes but instead of displaying information about the product, it will do much more.

It will work in the same manner as a bar code reader app does. It will take the information from a product or an item - it can be a magazine, clothing, or an advert – and decipher the data right after. It’s similar to how QR code holds information about a company. Here, a business can store basic details about the company itself, its business locations around the country and the world, its new products, etc.

Advantage of QR codes over bar codes

The advantage of QR code over bar code is its large storage capacity. A QR code can store a higher volume of data compared to a bar code. But a QR code won't need a bar code for scanning the content.

Generating QR codes

You can generate a QR code using a mobile app like Kaywa. Just go to mobile app for QR code to get started. Kaywa helps you create QR codes that can be linked to a URL, phone no. or description text. Another great site is Kerem Erkan which lets you customize the color and format your QR code. The i-nigma app on the other hand is the most popular QR reader for iPhones.


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Advantages of QR codes

Knowing that your business is keeping itself updated to the latest technology, assures and makes your customers feel that your business is growing and eventually also increases your chances to gain new customers from people associated with the existing customers.

Since a QR code can store more data than a bar code, you send can more information about your business. You can include product information, contact details, your business URL, social networking site accounts or pages, discount coupons, contests, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

QR codes have been used in various areas like the entertainment industry, transportation services, and product labeling. When shopping, you can use you're mobile to scan a QR code and may be redirected to the URL of a site which is filled with reviews about the product you are shopping for. For example, shopping for a new phone - you scan a QR code on the product and you might get a list of app and accessories available for it.

QR is basically about sharing information with the whole world. It could be linked to anything, anywhere. It can tell users where your nearest business location is. You can link the QR code to anything and change the landing page by simply changing the URL of the site. This way, your QR code is always updated and users get new information each time they read the QR code.

Disadvantages of QR Codes

However, there are risks involved with the use of QR codes. It can compromise the user's privacy. If a QR app on a mobile phone is used to scan QR codes, then the reader might grant access to view and change information stored in the mobile device contact list, browser history, storage data and so on without the user's knowledge. All this may happen in the background without the user knowing it. The user may even be led to a harmful URL or will be shown a harmful text.