According to recent statistics, Facebook has more than 800 million active users, a significant part of the estimated figure of 7.062 billion population of the world as given by the United States Census Bureau (USCB) and is a record breaking social networking site with the largest number of users. Its significance does not only lie in its popularity, but also in the traffic that it brings with itself and the huge potential that marketing has with it. This is the reason why almost every company you have probably heard of has a page on Facebook. All the business houses, either large scale companies or small ones, know the importance of this particular social networking site and the tremendous opportunity it creates for the business. This is the reason that Facebook is made a part of important marketing and advertising strategies and is given preference over the other mediums in terms of increasing the sales.

It is considered that, a person not having a Facebook page belong to the Stone Age. This actually is not true, but business owners need to be skeptical in their approach and instead of questioning the importance of their Facebook pages, they should give more time to get a killer Facebook page for their small business. There is absolutely nothing to lose since Facebook is absolutely free and all you are doing is getting free publicity. If that is not all, Facebook ensures that your company is getting freely advertised (unless you decide to spend money on Pay per Clicks) and using the skills of your web designers or you yourself, you can create a business page that showcases your products and services and has the capacity to lure in more clients. If you are not too sure what to do after creating a Facebook page to make it look more awesome, you should strongly consider going through the following tips:

Linking page to your Business website:

If you have an official website for your company, you can link it to your Facebook page. If you want your Facebook followers to directly see your website, you can place important links on the page so that whenever someone clicks on it, the page will land to your website. You can even upload your blogs regularly by typing in the URL of the website on which your blog is getting hosted or the RSS fed's URL and placing the link on your Facebook page. This will ensure that any kind of activity including getting comments, like or shares will directly get updated on your Facebook page without troubling you to do everything again.

Attractive Logo:

A Logo is a must for your company. Irrespective of the scale of your business, a logo is very essential. It symbolizes and represents the company and cannot be ignored. It also creates a specific brand for the company and works wonderfully towards its marketing. The Logo Company is a globally renowned company that has been designing professional logo for a long time and has an extensive list of clients. The company focuses on creating unique logo designs for your small-scale business so that the business can create substantial credibility as well as interest among your followers on your Facebook page.

Getting a Strong Fan Base:

One of the main reasons that most of the businesses create a Facebook page is to attract customers. Since Facebook is a social networking platform that has no barrier of language or borders, it works on a global platform and customers from all across the world can see your services. It therefore becomes a necessity from the part of these businesses to get as many fans as possible. The larger the fan group, the better the chances of the page getting free publicity. Issue a call to action whereby you make strategies keeping in mind the tactics to hook on the fans and getting more and more likes for your page. 

You can use attractive images, design and logos for attracting more fans and add location of your company. You can even add on your friends, employees and family members and ask them to refer your page to their set of friends so that your network increases. A method that has found prominence in order to get more fans is by buying them. Yes there are various websites that offer you close to twenty likes on your fan page for each dollar spent. So if you have a slightly higher budge, you can easily spend on this to increase your network and popularize your business.

Basic Secrets Revealed:

Let us reveal some secrets just for you! Well Facebook can do a lot of things to your business than you can actually think of and so can you. You can add an option of Favorite Pages where you can recommend the business of other companies and ask them to do the same. This would help in cross promoting both the businesses and provide you with a larger customer base.

Another secret is to get a Facebook reveal tab whereby you can hide some contents from those who are not a fan of your page and add additional discount links and exciting offers for your existing fans. You can give a hint to these offers and mention that only the fans will be getting the offer once they like a page under the reveal tab. This will create an excitement and increase the traffic towards your page.

You can try out different strategies than the other businesses by placing a share button instead of like. This will ensure that more and more people will share your post and will bring in more users. You can add flash contents and pop up windows and increase the user interaction on your profile too.


These tips will surely make your Facebook business page stand out from the crowd. You need to ensure that proper focus is given to this particular social networking site and accordingly work towards that. Facebook is a great platform to showcase your business and the best part about it is that, Facebook is free and if in case these tricks do not work for you (the chances are very less though, you can delete your page any time. So although you are on a shoestring budget, Facebook has something for all!