Christmas is around the corner and it seems that now it would be a good idea for considering a few delicious recipes to cook for the big Christmas family dinner. One of these recipe is the steak which of course, needs to taste delicious. In fact, how about on this very special day people will try to cook their steak like the one they eat at the outback steakhouse? In order to cook it though, there are a few secrets people need to know, secrets which are going to be revealed in the following paragraphs.

A select recipe

The outback steak is one of the most highly sought after recipes when people will go in a restaurant in order to enjoy a good meal. There is not much known about the recipe, but only the fact that it tastes great and it will always leave individuals craving for more. It seems that such recipes are becoming more and more popular and people really love trying them out and comparing to finally tag one or a few, as the best in their book.

Saving money

For those who want to save money when it comes to food, then they should know that the outback steakhouse recipe can also be made at home. People will certainly be able to closely replicate its taste and thus also invite all of their friends and let them in on this great surprise they will surely appreciate a lot! In the end, who doesn't like to eat a wonderfully made steak that comes for free?

How to cook
For 4 servings, people will need:Four teaspoons of paprikaHalf a teaspoon of corianderOne teaspoon of garlic powderSix teaspoons of Seasoning SaltHalf a teaspoon of turmericTwo teaspoons of ground black pepper (fresh)One teaspoon of cayenne pepper and one teaspoon of onion powder

The outback steakhouse says that when people will cook them, to have them at medium-high heat and turn them only 1 times, being careful not to pierce them. Then, just let them rest for 5-10 minutes and after that enjoy them. Isn't it great to cook this amazing recipe at home?


Those who are looking for a delicious ricette that they can savor at anytime with their friends, family or just on their own, will find the potato soup recipe will certainly impress them with its irresistible taste. The Outback restaurant is one of the most highly regarded restaurants in the business for it always serves food that tastes like it was actually cooked on another planet rather than here.

Medium sized potatoes: 6 to 8Onion: 1 dicedChicken broth (14 oz): 4 cansHeavy cream: 1.5 cupsFlour: 3/4 cupButter: 2 sticksWater: 2 cupsCelery salt to tasteOne dash of sugar and one of basilPepper to taste

Four to six pieces of cooked bacon (chopped)Two cups of shredded Cheddar cheese blend/Monterrey JackChopped chives

Directions for the ricette cucina:

1. First, the potatoes have to be boiled after being peeled and then set aside.
2. Now, take a large soup pot and melt the butter at low-medium heat. Be careful you don't burn in.

3. Put the onion in and cook it until softened.

4. Have the flour added and stir for around three minutes.

5. Now add at a time the basil, water, chicken broth, salt, sugar, pepper.

6. Use a wire whisk in order to stir and bring it to a boil.

7. The heavy cream needs to be added now, but be careful you will add it gradually until you have reached the proper consistency.

8. Chop the potatoes in small sized and add them to the mixture.

9. Simmer for around five minutes.

10. Use the cheese blend, chopped bacon and chives for garnishing the soup. Don't forget the chives after you have had it ladled into separate bowls.

The potato soup recipe is a very delicious serving that is highly nutritious and very healthy. Everyone who was curious of cooking this ricette di cucina, they now know the secret behind it. When you will want to cook it be sure you will pay attention to the directions and follow them very well. You would certainly not want to have any surprise when you will call all of your friends and tell them they will taste something and then they'll feel ashamed to tell you the food tastes very bad!

Home Made Bread

In order to cook this bread people will only need to have the ingredients added as your manufacturer suggests you to. Just have the machine set to "dough" and after the process is complete, have loafs formed with your hands and then let them rise.

What you need to cook it
Two packages of dry yeastHalf a cup of warm waterOne tablespoon of saltHalf a cup of cornmealOne tablespoon of sugarTwo cups of rye flourShortening for greasing the panOne cup of warm waterTwo tablespoons of oilHalf a cup of dark molassesTwo and a half or three cups of bread flour

How to cook

For the recipe you will have to have your oven preheated at 375 degrees. Next, have the yeast softened in half a cup of warm water and then have the sugar stirred and let stand until it becomes bubbly or usually, for six minutes. Now, pay attention:

1. Get a large bowl and combine one cup of warm water with rye flour, oil, salt and molasses along with the water combo/yeast above and have it mixed until it becomes a smooth batter.

2. Have the bread flour worked in until there's no more stickiness to the dough.

3. Now, have the dough kneaded for 3 to 5 minutes and then just let it rise in a greased bowl until it has reached twice its original size. After this, have it punched down and shape it into two big & round loaves.

4. Take the loaves and put them a few centimeters from each other on a cookie sheet that has previously cornmeal dusted and greased. People can also dust some cornmeal on top of the loaves if they want tp.

5. Just let them rise now in a warm place until they reach twice their size.

6. After that, bake them for half an hour at three hundred and seventy five degrees. You can check to see if they're ready by looking for hollow sounds when tapping the bread.

This recipe is utterly mouth watering!

With its simplicity and delicious taste it's no wonder so many people love it. This recipe is best considered for those mornings when people just want to sip from their coffee and eat something good that just makes them say "Life is like a cake: you sure can't find it sweet every day, but no one says you can't make it that way!"