Places that Help Pay Rent - You Need MONEY!

Most people who have lived in an apartment know that paying rent can not always be easy. With hard times hitting the US (and world) economy, paying rent has become even more difficult. As a result, poverty in the United States has increased substantially, and even those people who are working a lot in menial, working class jobs still find it difficult to bring home enough money to support themselves, their families, and pay the rent for their apartment or home. I have come into contact with a variety of different places that help pay rent in the United States that I feel will be of significant aid to you in your search for making ends meet and getting enough money every month to get yourself up on your feet. If you are seriously saying to yourself right now, "I need help paying rent and I don't know where to go or what to do," then you should seriously take these tips on places that help pay rent to heart. In addition to these these places that help pay rent, I have also compiled a list of ways you can make enough extra money every month to help yourself pay the rent without the need for aid from the government and other locations in another article titled How to Make Some Extra Money from Home to Help Pay Rent. I hope that these articles can help you get out of the hard economic time you are having.

1. Churches that Help Pay Rent

Whatever your view on the church may be, there is no denying that many of them go out of their way to help people. While most of them are motivated by prosytalizing (wanting to share their religion with you), after you get past this surface you will undoubtedly find love and help that you need in all aspects of your life, whether that is emotional, spiritual, and even in financial matters as well. While each individual church may have their own methods of determining who is eligible for financial assistance, if you are in a really rough patch in your life; you will likely find some easy money flowing out of the church to assist you. A church is one of the few places that help pay rent that are very approachable, and more often then not filled with relatively kind people who desire to help you. While the government may provide a variety of programs (to be detailed shortly), there is no harm in trying to get your situation controlled quickly by turning to the church. Of course, I would suggest offering to volunteer some of your time to the churches needs as well as a sort of "thank you" for their kindness. I would suggest going to local churches in your area and confronting the church leader(s) about your current predicament. You may want to schedule a time to meet one-on-one with the pastor of the church as well so he may know you on a more intimate level before releasing funds to you.

2. State Assistance Programs

If churches and charities are not of much use to you (or you honestly don't feel compelled to go to a church or a charity asking for financial assistance), then the best next step of action is examining the many state assistance programs currently available to help you pay your rent (among other things). The government sets aside a large amount of money to help people (amazing I know) in situations like those you may be facing. While the many programs currently available would be too large to document (they vary by each state), it is highly suggested that you seek out the assistance agencies and programs currently available in your own state. The website Need Help Paying the Bills documents the many types of programs and agencies, and provides information on getting in contact with the right people for assistance.

3. Federal Government Rent Assistance Programs

As most of us would know, the federal government is an expert at giving away a lot of money. Fortunately, those of us in particular need can take advantage of this fact and utilize the federal government as one of the places that help pay rent related bills. A particular program funded by the government is called The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program which is focused on keeping people in their houses/apartments and off the streets. Money is often given out for a variety of reasons through this program, and those in need of paying rent can enroll as well. Money is generally distributed through charities and local level governments. As this is the government, you will likely need to meet rigid standards to quality; but if you are in a really bad situation it should be no problem at all.

4. Housing and Urban Development Assistance (HUD)

Another federal government assistance program, but this one is particularly special because it goes above and beyond that just being a program that helps pay rent. The Housing and Urban Development assistance program offers a variety of government grants ("free money") and information on finding more affordable housing as well.

5. USDA Rural Development

If you are currently living in a rural environment, and need help paying your rent; then the USDA Rural Development will quite possible help you extensively. While this is a rather niche area for finding financial aid, it may very well serve you will as you look for some assistance with paying the bills.

6. Charities that Help Pay Rent

Like churches, charities are often motivated to help people. As a result of this kindness, you can contact a variety of charities that would be willing to assist you with paying your rent. Unlike churches, charities will likely be a little bit more rigid in their rules and regulations when it comes to determining who is eligible to receive aid; but again, if you are in a situation that heavily requires financial assistance; then making that phone call will not hurt you at all, and very likely you will be accepted and provided some free money. Some great charities that are known to help people out with paying their rent include the Salvation Army USA and United Way of America. Dependent on the extent of your need to some degree, I am certain that you will be able to find some financial assistance through charities.

7. Government Grants and Private Loans

A variety of government grants may offer financial assistance for paying your rent. Already mentioned is the Housing and Urban Development program which tends to offer grants of free money to qualified citizens of the United States. Of course, there are many other government grants you may receive that may be of use in paying your rent. In addition to this, it should be pointed out that as a last resort, taking out a small private loan (assuming your credit score is good) can easily help you pay the rent and get up on your feet again.

It may come as surprising to you, but there are undoubtedly many places that help pay rent in the United States. While life may sometimes be cold to you (whether you work a low paying job, or are unemployed), rest assured that there are many government programs, charities, and other places that come to the aid of those in need. Always suggested by me is giving back some of your time when possible to those places that help you out, especially to churches and charities. Be sure to check out my related article titled How to Make Some Extra Money from Home to Help Pay Rent.