Heel X-ray
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Years of using your feet can definitely wear them down - especially your heels. On that note, improperly trimmed toe nails, poor circulation, tight shoes and diseases can all contribute to heel pain, too. Fortunately, there are various ways you can relieve heel pain syndrome.

1. Producing the effects of a massage.

A massage would be perfect for any kind of heel or foot pain, and the best part is that you merely have to get yourself a container of cold water and a container of hot water. After that, you can follow these steps:

•  Soak your feet in the cold water for five minutes.

•  Move your feet into the container with hot water and soak your feet there for another five minutes

•  Put your feet back into the cold water.

•  Keep doing this back and forth until you can no longer feel the pain.


This process happens to come with a massaging effect that will revitalize your feet by

alternately opening and closing your blood vessels.


It would also be highly advisable to rub your feet with moisturizing lotion before going to sleep. This will make your feet much easier to massage and, in turn, bring about faster relief.


2. Heat up your feet.

Using ointments full of the natural ingredient called capsaicin can also help relieve foot pain. The ointment does this by cooling the pain that comes from burning feet. Although the first few applications of this ointment might come with a burning sensation, this effect will eventually lessen through time and with regular use.


The majority of these ointments are over-the-counter treatments, but it would still be advisable to talk to your foot doctor before trying any of them, since this kind of therapy doesn't always suit everybody.


3. Stretch your calves. 

Stretching the back of your calves can help relieve heel pain. Here's the best way to stretch it:

•  Stand a couple of feet away from a wall and keep your hand on it.

•  Lean into the wall, bend your elbows and bring one leg forward.

•  With your back leg kept straight and your heel planted on the floor, gently stretch your calves.

•  Do the same with your other calf.


4. Only wear shoes that fit you perfectly.

Shoe size would definitely be the most vital aspect that you have to look at when buying shoes. However, the shape of the shoes would be just as important. People who have high arches should generally look for curved shoes, while people with flat feet should look for straight shoes. People who don't have high arches or flat feet, on the other hand, should look for slightly curved shoes. This will ensure that you avoid getting a bunion or having to look into corn removal.