There are a lot of people who are using a touchscreen device – be it a mobile phone, tablet PC or mp3 player. However, it can be tricky to use your gadget during winter particularly when wearing a pair of gloves. The gloves keep the heat of the fingers from being transferred to the screen which is why you will be able to use send a message or make a call only by taking it off. In answer to this problem, designers have come up with texting gloves.

In a nutshell, touchscreen texting gloves allow people to operate their touchscreen device without removing it. Why don’t regular gloves work on touchscreen gadgets? This is perhaps a question that consumers are asking. Most touchscreens today use capacitive touch. Capacitive touchscreens are able to pick up on fluctuations in the screen’s electrical field. The skin works great on touchscreen devices because we give off electrical impulses. Cloth on the contrary does not have an electrical current and this is why it does not work on touchscreens.

There are basically two types of touchscreen texting gloves. One uses conductive materials particularly on the fingertips. The gloves will be able to transmit an electrical current so you can operate the device while keeping it on. There are also gloves that expose the thumb and index fingers which are most often used to send a text message. Its advantage is that you will not have to learn how to accurately text while wearing the gloves. Its downside is that the fingers will be exposed to the freezing conditions.

Because there are different brands of texting gloves, consumers will have a lot of options. If you don’t want to spend for it, you can turn your old gloves into touchscreen gloves. It is quite simple to make your own pair and you would need a few materials.


Texting Gloves

Make Your Own Texting Gloves


The materials that you would need are a pair of gloves, conductive thread, a needle and scissors. It can be difficult to purchase conductive thread in small quantities so you may want to ask stores in your area if it is possible to buy what you would need for the gloves.

First, cut about 16 inches of the conductive thread and thread it through the needle. There are two ways of doing the next step. You can sew while wearing the gloves but because it would be difficult to sew with one hand, it might be better to take it off. However, this depends on personal preference. You may also want to think about how you use your phone before you start sewing. This will help you determine where to sew the conductive thread. While the thumb and index fingers are most commonly used, if you tend to text using other fingers then you should sew the conductive thread on its fingertip instead. Once you have figured these out, you can start sewing.

The basic idea is to embed as much of the conductive thread onto the fingertips of the gloves. Keep in mind that you would want to transfer electrical current to your touchscreen device. You can make a pattern or design with the conductive thread. The amount of thread is what matters and not the design.

When you already have at least 15 stitches of the conductive thread, try wearing the gloves and test it on your phone. If your device is responsive, you have probably sewn in enough amount of the thread. However, sew a few more stitches if the device is not responding properly. Again, the thread should be concentrated on the finger that you most often use to operate your touchscreen device.

If you have tried it out and you are sure that the finger is conducting properly, you can sew one more stitch into the top of the glove. Unlike what you would normally do, you should not cut off the rest of the thread. Instead, slip the needle off of the thread. The tails that are on the fingertips (the one from when you first began sewing and the other which you left when you’re done) will help conduct current that will make the touchscreen responsive to your fingers.

You should repeat these steps on the other thumb and index fingers of the gloves.

There are touchscreen texting gloves that don’t use conductive cloth. The fingers used to text are bare, as mentioned previously. If you would be comfortable with this type of texting glove, you can simply snip the glove’s fingertips. You should make sure though that you would be comfortable using it as it can be uncomfortable having your fingertips exposed to freezing conditions. In fact, this is why gloves with conductive material on the fingertips are called frostbite-free texting gloves.

Texting gloves have many advantages. It will allow you to use your touchscreen device without having to take off the gloves to keep your hands warm. You can get a pair of touchscreen gloves that suits your style as there are different colors and designs of it.