One of the latest trends in the health and fitness world is functional foods.  Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive influence on health. Of course, all foods are functional in the sense that they have nutrients or other components that provide energy, stimulate growth or support vital processes. The purpose of this article therefore is to describe the most important functional foods.


Phytochemicals are contained in vegetables, beans and plants. They can help in preventing cancer, control bacteria and stimulate estrogen. Foods that are high in phytochemicals are:

  • Mangosteen
  • Maqui Berry
  • Noni
  • Olive
  • Hawthorn
  • Hop

One important characteristic of foods that are high in phytochemicals is that you have to consume them fresh. The longer you preserve the foods, the less phytochemicals it will contain. It is expected that in the future, it will be easier for humans to consume enough phytochemicals on a daily basis due to bioengineering.

Super Fruits

Super fruits are supplements like: Goji Berries, Chlorella and Pomegranate juice. They contain very much antioxidant and will make you feel more energetic. Super fruit is without doubt the most popular super fruit, mainly because they are associated with extreme weight loss. The upsurge of the super fruits began when Dr. Oz. introduced the supplements in the Oprah Winfrey show. Dr. Oz stated that the berry is ideal to speed up the slimming process. After the show, the demand for super foods like the açaí berry quadrupled in the United States.


The development of nootropics was important for neuron-science. The word nootropics is invented to describe supplements that improve memory, learning ability and awareness. The most well-known nootropics are Piracetam and phenibut.  Especially Piracetam is popular with college and university students, because it is believed this supplement greatly enhances memory.  For me personally, Piracetam worked great too. However, it has to be noted that Piracetam does not enable you to score high grades without effort. You will still have to learn hard, but the learning process will be faster and more efficient.


One of the most popular diets of the last years is the Paleo Diet. This diet prescribes eating what our ancestors eat. This means no processed foods, no junk food and low-carb intake. This diet is also gluten and casein free. Many people are allergic for these substances, so the Paleo Diet is the ideal solution for them. The only disadvantage I could think of following this diet is the cost. It is expensive to buy solely organic high quality meat. Furthermore it is complicated to entirely eat according to the Paleo Diet, since many restaurants do not serve ‘Paleo proof’ food.


Functional foods are a good supplement for a healthy lifestyle. They can help you in preventing cancer, speed up the slimming process and achieving higher grades. Therefore, it is recommended to consume some of each category of functional foods daily.