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After many decades of bringing the best toys into the world, Mattel is very proud to have released the Hot Wheels Stealth Riders to provide ultimate satisfaction to millions of toy enthusiasts throughout worldwide. Packed with modern features, attractive highlights, and very high-quality performance, this Stealth Riders are sure to amaze and gain patronage, especially from children whose world is painted with colors when beautiful and exciting toys are around. Mattel never stopped creating innovations when it comes to its products and development. The Stealth Riders are absolutely astoundiang and are very practical toys in the market today. For those who are looking for the kind of toy that they will truly enjoy and love, this collection will surely meet their needs.


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The Hot Wheels Stealth Riders are specially designed for everyone’s pleasure and enjoyment. These creations come in very likeable designs that will truly capture toy fanatics’ interest. They are created to satisfy their craving and passion for the coolest toys in the world. Hot Wheels Stealth Riders are distinct, unparalleled and very stylish to suit everyone’s need. Fun, exciting, and absolutely among the toys of the century, these Stealth Riders can create a world of difference for those who will have them. From millions of toys being created by various toy companies worldwide, Hot Wheels Stealth Riders stand out in the market. Highly recommended to those who are searching for the best and coolest toys they can add to their toy collections.

Hot Wheels: A Mattel Creation – and Many More

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Among the brand of die-cast toy cars introduced by Mattel is the Hot Wheels. It was the key contender of Matchbox from 1968 until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco. Based on returns, Mattel, Inc. is the largest toy company in the world. They produced the popular Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, Barbie dolls, and Matchbox toys, American Grid dolls, various board games, Masters of the Universe,  and including video game consoles in the early ‘80s. 

Mattel is founded by Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot Handler in 1945, that’s where the company’s name from. From then on, the company mustered its many successes in the industry but never stopped revolutionizing the toy industry. From the talking dolls and numerous kinds of toys, they create a toy evolution that amazed the world. After many years, the company continued to work and preserve its reputation and thrust to give to the world the kind of fun and adventure they want through their brands of toys.

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Hot Wheels are die-cast model vehicles created by Mattel and were introduced in the 1960s. They are cars and trucks originally created to almost 1:64 scales and are intended for Hot Wheels track sets; then there came the Gran Toros, and the highly detailed adult collector vehicles, including the models of NASCAR and Formula One cars. Aside from Hot Wheels, another popular toy brand introduced by Lesney Products in 1953 is Matchbox. It is considered as the original die-cast Matchbox toy sold in boxes similar to that of a matchbox. Following its launching, it then covered a wide range of toys including significant die-cast models and various non die-cast lines.  But, thousands of different models of Hot Wheel Cars have been produced over the years.

Hot Wheel Vehicles are authorized by leading car makers in the world such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Motors and others have licensed Hot Wheels to create scale models of their cars. Mattel refers to the design blueprints of the full-sized cars like the Chrysler, until it was finally manufactured. Various tracks, accessories, and other kinds of vehicles are also included in the Hot Wheels product lines.

Hot Wheels Stealth Riders: A Breakthrough

Through the years, children have been collecting Hot Wheels cars. But in the last few years, number of adult collectors has been increasing. Not only thousands, but millions of children are growing up playing with these toys. The Hot Wheels Classics line captured millions of enthusiasts due to its muscle cars, hot rods, and other offbeat vehicles such as go-kart, a motor home, and even an airplane. But recently, The Hot Wheels Stealth Riders conquered the world with their interesting and cool features. These are the first collapsible cars created by Mattel. These toys are the hot toys of the decade and they come in several forms.

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The Hot Wheels Stealth Riders include the Green Power Tread Tank which has a one-touch transformation, covering the flat casing into a remote-controlled tank working with treads; the Orange Power Tread Vehicle is the very first foldable hot wheels RC vehicle that can be fold flat and can be placed in a slim carrying case and can climb over obstacles – the ultimate and super cool, super small gadgetry; The Batmobile Tumbler that can fold flat enough to fit in anyone’s pocket; The Blue Racing Car that can fold flat and fits in a slim carrying case and can transform into 3D to become a fully functioning RC vehicle that can perform a high-speed spinning and turns; The Silver Power Tread Vehicle that can also fold flat and fits in a slim carrying case. It can climb obstacles, which makes it one of the ultimate, super cool gadgetries. But what about the Red Racing Car! It has speed, control and portability. It is only less than three inches long and folds for storage in the combination transmitter’s car holder.


Those are only few of the Hot Wheels Stealth Riders that you can enjoy and have fun with. They are exciting, they can transform, they can climb, the can fold, they are speedy, and they can do an intuitive, multi-directional movement that you will truly appreciate. Not only kids will love them, but everyone who loves amazing toys no other company can provide. They are manufactured with top engineering and they are not expensive; you can have the full satisfaction of what you are paying for these cool, amazing toys. They are perfect for gifts to your kids, your toy-fanatic friends, and for yourself to enjoy.