People all over the U.S. and of every age are attracted to commencing or changing their jobs with the current economic climate. Whether a not along ago graduated high school or college student or young adult looking to initiate their profession, there's many people who are seeking the career of firefighting to serve the district and the state they reside in.

Firefighter certificates are usually given through community colleges and vocational schools. Students will learn about an overview of safety and emergency procedures and fire extinguishing methods. Certificates usually require 15 to 20 credits and students are required to take a fire fighting test with written and strength assessments. Here is a collection of the top firefighter academies and schools.

  • Firefighter 1 Academy in San Leandro, CA – The Academy provides six courses in Fire Technology in order to get a Firefighter 1 Academy completion certificate. With added educational requirements, six months paid experience as a full-time firefighter or 12 months of experience as a volunteer firefighter, the individual will receive their full certificate.

  • Central Florida Fire Academy in Orlando, FL – The academy has been in service since 1977 and offers standards classes and training for skilled firefighters and fire/rescue personnel. The academy offers courses for people looking to become firefighters, fire inspectors, fire instructors, driver/operators, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), fire investigators and fire officers.

  • L.O. Brayton Fire School at Texas A & M University – Since 1929, L.O. Brayton Fire School at Texas A & M University has been aiding Americans to become the most informed and well-prepared firefighters. The university is one of the largest and most intricate systems of higher education in the U.S.

  • Sycuan Firefighting Academy in El Cajon, CA – The program looks like a 21-day Marine Corps style "boot camp" for proficient entry-level firefighters and those looking to improve their job placement. Expert drill instructors assume responsibility of 30 individuals and convert them into the best firefighters.

  • North Texas Fire Academy in Rockwall, TX – The academy was opened in 1998 and has trained more than 1,300 students. The academy has programs in Basic Fire Suppression, HAZMAT Awareness, Fire Instructors, use HAZMAT fire training, and provide other programs as well.