Sweet Baby While breastfeeding is the personal choice of every mother, new mommies should also consider the new life when making the choice. However, the advantages of breastfeeding are not only beneficial for the baby. Mommies can benefit too, and mommy and baby together can receive the benefits together as one.

  • Breast milk provides a baby with many ingredients which aids in the protection against many illness. This works by helping babies get a great start in building immunities, and offering protection from allergies. Baby formula has come along way, but it still lacks the antibodies found in breastmilk. The chances of being allergic to breast milk is extremely slim and rare. Many babies are allergic to certain formulas. The ingredients in breast milk also help aid in the development of minds and social development.
  • Another advantage of breastfeeding is the cost. Baby formula can be extremely expensive, especially if the baby has special needs, like colic or acid reflux. The only cost associated with breast milk is the food the mother eats, and storage devices or pumps. A breastfeeding mother should eat more than an average woman, and the diet should be a well balanced one. Don't worry about adding extra calories, because nursing a baby is known to use calories, and helps women lose more weight than those who formula feed.
  • Mothers who nursed are thought have the risk of breast cancer lowered and other female related cancers and illnesses.
  • One of the best noticeable advantages to nursing a baby, is the bond that is formed. This bond is similar to bottle feeding, but just not the same as the experience that comes with breastfeeding.
  • Other advantages to consider: There are less doctor visits on average, and immunizations are thought to work better in babies that had breast milk rather than formula.

In some causes, mothers are not able to breastfeed their babies. It might be because of certain medications the mother has to take, she might be ill, or has to travel to much for work. I personally knew a lady who tried to nurse her son, but it just wasn't working out. Later she found out her son was tongue tied. There are other reasons for not breastfeeding, and mothers have to decide what is best for their baby and situation.