Health and Emotional Benefits of Practicing Yoga

The multiple benefits of the Yoga has been discussed for decades and now it is clear that by practicing Yoga you will enjoy a healthier life: the physical activity will help to improve your body shape; the mental properties of this discipline will improve your sleep patterns and stress levels and the spiritual side will allow you to be yourself and be happier in life. The main benefits of the Yoga are:


  • Improves Posture: although you will not grow any taller, the improvement in your posture will make you look taller as the spine stretches and you lose weight.


  • Stress Relief and Better Sleep: Yoga is the perfect discipline for people suffering from insomnia. This discipline will help to reduce work pressures, tension, anxiety and negative feelings; you will be more relax as the cortisol levels in your body will decrease, providing you the perfect platform for a good night sleep.


  •  Younger Looking: Any form of exercise will help you look and feel younger as the physical activity fights free-radical and reduces the chances of developing diseases. The extra benefit of yoga is that it will give you a new meaning of life once you understand to control your stress level; this is one of the main ageing factors in the modern world. 


  • Look Better and Lose Weight: Regular practice will help you to develop a firm muscle tone, brighter eyes and a leaner body shape.


  • Better Flexibility: You will become supple, flexible, stronger and fitter. One of the properties of the Yoga is that your body will stretch in new ways; many of the muscles and joints touched by Yoga are normally not used in our everyday life.


  • Stronger Immune System: Yoga provides the perfect opportunity for your body to improve its immune defences, provide more energy and vitality and cope better with stress.


  • Better Breathing: The Cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency increases with Yoga.


  • Multiple Health Benefits: The pulse, respiratory rate, cholesterol and blood pressure decreases.


  • Mental Health: Yoga serves to harmonise and balance our emotions and mind, achieve peace, and attain the perfect balance between health and beauty.


  • Spiritual Benefits: Yoga makes you more aware of your feelings and how other people feel and react around you. It offers the perfect balance between body, mind and spirit.

    The ultimate goal of Yoga is to serve as the perfect stand to achieve a full and happier life, radiating a positive vibe and enjoy the material and spiritual prosperity that life offer us. 

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