Sales of Disposable Underwear are Soaring

Walk down the aisles of any drugstore and chances are you'll see stacks of merchandise geared for people who suffer from incontinence, and simply can't help urinating or soiling themselves.

It's not surprising. The population is aging and people are living longer. For some, losing control of bladder or bowel function is simply part of growing older. Fortunately manufacturers are making better products to help deal with the problem.

These new products offer an increased sense of independence. People can live a normal life and go about their daily routine. They can go for a walk, go grocery shopping, go to the movies or spend time with friends and family without worrying about embarrassing signs of "leaking". Newer products are also designed for odor control.

If you suffer from incontinence or are a care giver for someone who is incontinent you're not alone. It's estimated that more than 25 million Americans have some degree of incontinence or bladder control issues.

Women outnumber men, but men are catching up, and increasingly the products look more and more like " regular underwear".

Here are some tips on choosing the right incontinence product.

Pads for Light Bladder Leakage

Women are more prone to light bladder leakage than men. It is often caused by changes to the bladder after multiple pregnancies.

Sometimes laughing, coughing, heavy lifting or running will cause a light leak. Pads offer easy and affordable protection.Bladder Leakage Pad

Look for a pad with a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer that wicks moisture away from the skin. Most come with an adhesive layer that will stick to underwear and some offer "wings" which wrap around the bottom of the underwear for increased protection.

Pads range from ultra light panty liners to thick maximum protection products. Many include a seperate plastic wrap for easy disposal.

Adult Diapers for Bladder Leakage

Adult diapers resemble baby diapers in that they fasten at the waist with tabs which gives more control over the fit, particularly for people who are slightly larger or smaller than a standard size.

Again look for a product with a waterproof outer and an inner layer that moves moisture away fAdult Diapersrom the skin. This "wickable" feature is important because it keeps the skin dry and prevents painful sores and rashes.

Some adult diapers have multiple tabs for more control over the fit. Make sure they can be opened and reclosed. Also ensure the person wearing the diaper has the manual dexterity to deal with the tabs.

The diapers also come in a broad range of sizes and amounts of liquid they can hold. They are well suited for people who are bedridden or have limited physical activity.

Pull Up Underwear for Bladder Leakage

Disposable pull up underwear for incontinence are growing in popularity. As the name suggests they simply pull up like regular underwear.Pull up Underwear

They often have multiple layers and like pads and diapers provide a waterproof exterior and an interior lining that draws moisture away from the skin.

Pull up underwear have come a long way over the years. The earlier models were extremely bulky and often visible under clothing. They were also extremely heavy and uncomfortable when wet.

Thanks to new high tech materials today's pull up underwear are lighter and more form fitting.

They are also now available in colors like peach, buttercup and lilac.

Pull up underwear for incontinence are a great choice for people who have an active lifestyle.

Products for Fecal Incontinence

The inability to control the bowels poses additional challenges in choosing adult diapers. The diapers or pull ups should fit tightly around the legs to prevent leakage.

Choosing a product which removes moisture from the skin is critical because exposure to feces can cause painful sores in a short time.

Look for a product with odor control and change the soiled diapers or pull up underwear immediately.

Additional Hints

A person who is losing control of their bowels should see their doctor immediately. It may be a Doctor(94328)symptom of a serious and systemic disease.

There are some medical options for people suffering from bladder leakage. There are new medications available that may offer some relief. A doctor may recommend a surgical procedure that shores up the bladder.

If the skin becomes irritated while using adult diapers use a zinc based product to ease the soreness. The products are available in the skin care or diaper rash care section of the drugstore. The cream can be applied before putting on the diaper for additional protection.

Dispose of pads, diapers and pull up underwear immediately using good hygiene.

There are many types and brands of incontinence supplies on the market today.

It may take some experimenting to find the best pad, diaper or pull up, and many companies offer free samples or coupons.