If you ask the typical best breed to use as a guard dog, I imagine that you would get a huge bevy of answers that vary from "pit bull" to "german shepherd". But what breed makes for the best guard dog and what are some of the characteristics that you should look for when choosing a guard dog?

Understand that you will most likely not be familiar with some of these breeds on this list. The reason is simple. Every country has dogs that are unique to their locale and most people tend to choose a guard dog that they and their country are familiar.

Also, this list goes in no order of "best". The best guard dog is obviously going to vary but some breeds have more of propensity in terms of protecting property or possessions.

Things to look for in a guard dog

There are several features that you should look for when choosing one. The most important feature of course would be size. After all, although a pomeranian may be tenacious and ferocious, the chances of it intimidating someone if very low. Choose a dog that is 75+ pounds and that has the look that it would do something should its territory be breached.

Another thing to look for in a breed is how territorial it is. Some dogs have been bred for centuries as guardians for livestock and people and will defend what they view as their territory. The more territorial the dog, the better guard dog they will be.

Some dogs are more likely to bark as well. This is important if you are planning on using the guard dog to watch your house. This isn't so important if the area it is guarding isn't in a place where people can hear it though.

And finally, you will want to find a dog that is loyal to people that it knows and suspicious to those it doesn't know. Once again, there are dogs that are bred specifically with this trait and these dogs will love those in its pack and look at everyone else with a great deal of suspicion.

So what dogs pass this list and make for the best guard dogs?

Once again, this is in no particular order. Each of these breeds come with some pros and cons in regards to being a guard dog.

  1. Komondor- This is a breed of dog that is found in Hungary. Komondor's were original used by hungarian farmers to protect their livestock. This breed nearly became extinct during the second world war. The reason? Both the Germans and Russians had to kill them when they entered houses. This is how tenacious this breed is.
  2. Rhodesian Ridgeback- A Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred to chase off lions and other large game found in Africa. They were first used to protect livestock from predators and have since been used as guard dogs for various things. A ridgeback is very territorial but one of the downsides is that it sometimes will disregard strangers.
  3. German Shepherd- The German Shepherd is a fairly new breed that was originally used to herd sheep but is now used most often as police dogs. They are very loyal to their herd and given their intelligence are used for a variety of purposes.
  4. Rottweiler- A Rottweiler was originally bred to herd livestock. They are good guard dogs just because their reputation as "killers" precedes them. However, this viewpoint is largely a myth and with the proper owner, a rottweiler is nothing more than a big baby to the people it knows. A rottweiler can grow up to 150 pounds making them very intimidating.
  5. Bull Mastiff- The bull mastiff was bred to immobilize poachers making it the perfect guard dog. Because of its size and power, the owner will need to be strong willed and really lord as the head of the pack or problems could occur.
There you have it. 5 dog breeds that could be perfect as guard dogs. They display all the important things that you should consider when choosing a guard dog; size, loyalty, territorial and protectiveness. Of course, there are other breeds worldwide that you could consider as guard dogs as wel.

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