Best Clothes Hangers

I've been looking for the best clothes hangers for my wardrobe. I never really cared much about them until they damaged some of my favorite clothes. My family had used different types over the years. Most of them were cheap plastic hangers bought in bulk. Some of them had stained my white blouses. The others have notched shoulders that left bumps on my shirts.
I learned that having the right clothes hangers can make a difference. Your clothes will last longer and you won't have to replace them as often. It's funny how these items used to be so trivial to me. I thought that the cheaper ones were the better choice (because they're cheaper!). But it isn't always the case. Sometimes, we need to pay a bit more to save more. Having said that, I won't go for overpriced hangers. They should be made of good quality materials and are priced reasonably.
Take some time in choosing hangers. Your wardrobe's life span lies in your hangers hands. Or rather, on their shoulders.

Wire Hangers

I have very limited space at home. My closets aren't big enough for my wardrobe. I decided to buy wire hangers because they're thin and can add more room in my closet. I thought I was a genius, but it turned out to be a big mistake. My closet did become more spacious. But my clothes got misshapen. The pointed parts of the hanger left bumps on my shirts. It was very irritating to look at. The worse part is, the wire hangers were heavier than my plastic hangers. My flimsy garment rack could no longer hold the weight, so the rod fell along with all my clothes. I decided to buy a sturdier garment rack  and avoided the wire hangers altogether.
I gave my wire hangers to my dad, and it worked well for him. My dad's shirts are wider than the hangers, so they don't create bumps on his clothes. My dad also uses a sturdy wooden closet, so it doesn't matter if the hangers are heavy.
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If you need to maximize space, go for it. Just make sure that your clothes are wider than the hanger. Also, avoid using wire hangers for hanging wet clothes. Wire hangers could oxidize and might stain your wet clothes.
Wire HangersCredit: Amazon

Plastic Hangers

Because it's made of plastic, it doesn't look as good as its metal counterparts in my opinion. But the good thing is it won't rust, so you can hang your wet clothes on it without worries. It's handy to have some at home. Needless to say, choose the ones that are sturdy so they'll last longer. Check the coating of the hangers and make sure that they won't stain your garments. Better yet, opt for transparent ones.
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Every household needs plastic hangers. They're the safest hangers to hang your wet clothes on.
Whitmor 6672-2396-5 Sure-Grip Collection Suit Hangers, Set of 5
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I love the blue rubbers on the hanger's shoulders and the lower bar. They are very functional. They don't just prevent the shirt from slipping off, but also pants or whatever garment that you hang on the bar. You can also use this for hanging laundry. One customer said that she hung a wet knit shirt on it and it didn't stretch the collar.

Wooden Hangers

This is a luxury that I can't have because of my limited space. Apart from the looks, I love the feel and the sound of sliding wooden hangers in my closet. This type of hangers is usually bulky, but it's designed to keep the clothes from getting damaged. The only thing that I don't like about this is I can't hang wet clothes on it. Or can I?
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There are some concerns about hanging wet clothes on wooden hangers. Some people claim that it can stain your clothes. Others said that it depends on the finish. I'm not sure about this since I don't own wooden hangers. If you don't like to take chances, then use the plastic ones for your laundry.
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Fabric Padded Hangers

This is another type of hanger that I'd love to have but can't because of my small closet. This is for delicate garments that need special care. It looks beautiful and adds style to your closet.
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If you have garments that you won't be using for a long period of time (e.g. jackets, fine dresses), they are safer with padded hangers. Other types of hangers may leave marks or dents on your clothes especially when you left them hanging for several months (or years).
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Felt Hangers

Several beauty gurus have recommended using felt hangers. They may be a little pricey, but they hold your clothes nicely, making them last longer. These hangers also make your wardrobe look so much fancier.
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I think felt hangers appeal more to women than men. Women's clothing have a wide range of styles and fabrics. Some clothes are too delicate to be hung on wire or plastic hangers.
AmazonBasics Velvet Shirt/Dress Hangers - 50 Pack
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These velvet hangers are lightweight, sturdy, and slim. The metal hook can be turned, making it a lot convenient to hang and organize. The velvet surface and the notched shoulders prevent your clothes from slipping.

Other Types of Hangers

If you have several belts, scarves, ties, and other accessories, you might need a different type of hangers for them.
Belt Hangers
I see a lot of beauty gurus use ring hangers. A ring hanger works like a key-chain - you open the loop and insert all of your belt buckles into the ring. When you want to get a specific belt, you just have to move the buckle to the opening of the ring. It's very functional and doesn't take too much space. Some belt hangers are U-shaped instead of a loop. I personally think that the ring belt hanger is a much more convenient than the U-shaped since you don't need to take out some belts before getting the one you like.
Belt HangersCredit: Amazon 
Scarf Hangers
They usually have rows of rings where each scarf goes into one ring. The rings should be large enough to accommodate bulky scarves. They can also be used for ties. These hangers are designed to let you see everything at once. Make sure that the surface is smooth to prevent damaging your scarves or ties.
Scarf HangersCredit: Amazon
Slacks Hangers
This one is specifically made for hanging pants. Unlike standard hangers, it has an opening on one side so you can easily retrieve your trousers. 
Pants HangersCredit: Amazon

Do you need different kinds of hangers?

Before buying clothes hanger, take a look at your wardrobe. Some people like to have uniform hangers, while other prefer having different kinds. If you have a wide variety of clothing (T-shirts, delicate blouses, tank tops, sweaters, trenchcoats), you may want to have different kind of hangers for each type of garment. If you're a guy who lives in a tropical country and your wardrobe is mostly just shirts and pants/shorts, you may want to have uniform hangers. They will make your closet look very neat and organized.