What are the Best Exercises to Lose Weight Introduction

What are the best exercises to lose weight? Well I will answer this question through out this whole article and I will be telling you some other fascinating information and facts about exercise as well. Even if you try all of these activities then I suggest you also eat healthily as well. The types of food you will have to eat are vegetables, fruits, food that contain vitamins, food that contains iron and etc.  Don’t think that yExercise(62334)ou did all of these exercises for one day and that’s it other wise you will not lose any weight. You will have to do these exercises. You will have to repeat (at least) one of the exercise (which I am going to mention soon) every day or if you don’t have time then do it when you have time. The more exercises you do the more calories you will burn and in a couple of months you should see a lot of changes. So carry on reading to find out some fabulous exercises which are going to be suitable for you every day.


Bicycling is one of the best ways to burn calories and if you go really fast you will burn a lot of calories (which is depending on how fast you are going). If it’s very cold outside thCycling(62335)en I suggest you get those bicycling machines which will work better especially if you are watching TV. Most people find is easier if you watch TV while cycling on the machine. Maybe you should watch one of your favourite TV programme such as Eastenders, Waterloo road, the Simpsons and etc. So now not only can you bicycle outside but you can also do exercise at home while watching TV as well. In my opinion I suggest you go outside so you can get some fresh air but if it is difficult for you to go outside then definitely do it at home. Did you know that you can burn about 500 - 1000 calories every hour (which is also depending on how fast you go)?


Swimming is a great way to lose weighSwimming(62336)t especially if you’re going swimming in the summer. If you ever have the chance to go swimming then I suggest you go because this is one of the easiest and best way to lose weight. Did you know that every hour you can burn up to 800 calories? Which is just amazing.

Elliptical burner:

The elliptical burner is one of my favoElliptical Burnerurite ways to lose weight because not only is it good to help you lose weight but it also helps your muscles to become stronger also good for toning the stomach as well. One of the great ways to make time pass is to grab your Ipod, MP3 or Iphone then listen to your favourite tune and as well as that you will be doing exercise even though sometimes your so into the song your forget that your on an elliptical burner. Did you know that in an hour you can burn up to 600 calories?


Dancing is one of the most fun exerDancing(62338)cise there is because not only are you practicing your great dancing skills but you are also hitting targets all over your body. Put on your favourite music and then dance however you like as long as it is helping you. If you don’t know any dance moves then you can purchase a dance DVD and I assure you that it will help you a lot. Did you know that in one hour you can burn about 600 - 800 calories?


Walking is another one of the easiest activity as well. Not only does it help your stomaWalking(62339)ch lose weight but it also makes your legs stronger. It also makes your stomach stronger as well. Not only do you have to walk but you can run, jog and etc. You don’t have to walk a lot. I suggest you walk up to a bus stop, train station, post office, corner shop and etc. Even though you only burn around 360 calories it’s better then nothing right?


The great thing about trampolining is that its fun and you’re probably not going to even know that you’re losing weight. Bouncing on a trampoline will get your heart thumping. Not only are you going to bounce on a trampoline because that will be quite boring but you can also do some amTrampoliningazing tricks. Be careful when you are on the trampoline because you might lose balance, you might fall and then injure yourself really badly. Did you know that in one hour you can burn around 400 calories?

Kick Boxing:

Kick boxing is another of my favourite exeKick Boxingrcises and it is really fun if you bring a friend with you as well. Did you know that every hour of kick boxing you can burn over 1000 calories (depending on how intense the workout is)?

Cleaning the house:

This is the most boring exercise but it is also helpful because at the end of the day not only are you going to lose weight but you are also going to have a lovely house. You must think I am weird right? Well I am not because if you have ever watched a movie Cleaning The Housewhich is called Karate Kid then you will see how the boy is weak and then turns into a karate master. Did you know that you can burn about 200 calories in one hour?


This sport is one of the most popular sports ever created and it will definitely help you lose weight as well. This sport is great when there are more people playing the game because a couple of people playing is ok but it isn’t really that fun now is it? There are many other sports as well that will helpFootball(62343) you lose calories such as: tennis, basket ball, badminton, cricket, golf, volley ball and etc. Did you know that every hour you play football you can burn around 400 calories?

Well I hope that reading all of this amazing information and facts was helpful which is about what are the best exercises to lose weight?