As many of us know, Halloween is a big holiday for kids. I know that in my past, trick or treating was something that I looked forward to the most. I could not wait to get out there and get free candy! Everybody loves free candy, but what I remember not loving were those houses that always had the same gross stuff. I remember recieved 50 Bit O' Honey bars from one lady, and I never ate them. Those would always be left over in the bottom of my pail. Blech!

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And what about those people who would give you healthy, nutritious treats like raisins? Gross! And then there were those people who never even believed in giving any form of food or candy out, and just stuck to pencils and notepads, which really weren't all that great. In my opinion, Halloween is the one time in the year (other than Christmas), where kids get the freedom to stuff their faces with delicious candies. Nobody wants to be the kid that got Bit O' Honey, generic bubble gum, and pencils in their pillowcase.

This is why it is important to make sure that you are giving your trick or treaters the candy they deserve on Halloween. From my experience, the houses that had the best candy were usually the people who bought the well-known stuff like Twix, Snickers, Milky Ways, M&Ms etcetera. But let's not also forget about the cool Halloween themed candy that's out there. Also, sour candies like Skittles, Smarties, and Sweet Tarts are always a must. Kids don't really care for odd and generic brand candies. While some kids will try them, there is no way they will like it as much as a bar of their favorite candy, like Baby Ruths. Those were my favorite candy bars to get. Plus, if you increase the amount of good candy you have each year, you are bound to have more trick or treaters every year.

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When shopping for Halloween candy, you need to pick out the candy bags that have varieties of different candies in them. While you may think that the Mars candy bag is too expensive, if you get the candies ahead of time, you will likely find that they are lot cheaper than you thought. While the spooky generic ghost popcorn gloves and Halloween themed lollipops are great, you also want to have some good candies as well. Remember, everyone deserves a good Halloween, and with the right amount of time and planning, you can make sure your trick or treaters are delighted with tasty treats that they prefer and not something they are not interested in. Remember, kids are usually picky eaters, they like to stick to the basics, like a chocolate bar or Skittles; the more diverse candy bars like the coconut Mounds are likely to not be something most kids would like. It is up to you of course, to what you buy, but if you really want to see more trick or treaters at your spooky house this year, you should invest in a wide variety of candies that children will love this holiday season.

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