The history of tattooing could be traced back to the Stone Age (around 3300 BC), when tattoo was used for treating ailments like arthritis. However, the modern tattoos originated from Polynesia where it was introduced by sailors. Throughout history, tattoo has been used for different purposes; from expressing feelings to a loved one to indicating social status to spiritual symbols. The beginning of the 21st century recorded a rapid increase in popularity of tattoos, with many people pursuing tattoo art as a career. The availability of advanced equipment and dyes has also contributed to its growing popularity. One innovative idea of tattooing is to render a permanent makeup that includes the use of different natural colors to highlight various features of one's face; it's among the latest trends.

Today, you can visit any tattoo parlor to have tattoos, where the tattoo artist utilizes an electric machine along with carbon-based pigments. The process can take a couple of minutes to many sittings to be completed, based on whether you need one small tattoo or an overelaborate one covering the whole of your back. However, there are some factors you need to consider before proceeding with a tattoo:

- Since tattoo is a permanent feature, you shouldn't be unwary and should think twice before having a tattoo done.
- Before choosing a particular tattoo artist, ensure you research well on what he offers and past works.
- Ensure that the tattoo artist is qualified, has a license and observes the basic measures on hygiene and safety.

Tattoo for women

The ankle tattoo: This is a favorite tattoo design for obvious reasons. This tattoo is certainly the best option for first timers because it's so crafty that you cannot go wrong with it. It improves the appearance of your feet and matches the style of your footwear. Moreover, you can have it done on a small budget and can cover it with socks, if you want to.

Vine tattoos: Vines tattoos are graceful and delicate tattoo designs for women. It may be difficult to identify the precise meaning of this tattoo since it reflects different things in various cultures. Since vine involved making crowns in the early Roman culture, it symbolizes immortality. Moreover, it also stands for rebirth or reincarnation. However, today the vine tattoos are usually made for their absolute grace and beauty. Another advantage of these tattoos is that they bear close resemblance to anklet or bracelet when done on the ankle or the wrist respectively.

The dragon tattoo: Dragon is an imaginary flying creature derived from the Chinese mythology that signifies mystery and power. When choosing dragon tattoos, it is essential to take into account the dragon's size and how it is posed. Different postures and moods of the dragon can reflect various emotions from power to aggression to serenity and peace. The dragon could be tattooed with such as black, gold green, blue or yellow. The dragon tattoo is best suited for the back.

The flower tattoo: One of the traditional designs, the flower tattoos will always feature in the tattooing world. You can either select a flower based on what it represents or select your favorite flower. For instance, lily is a symbol of sweetness and purity, the hibiscus signifies a delicate beauty, the lotus shows yearning while the rose is for passion. Generally, a flower tattoo symbolizes femininity.

The butterfly tattoo: One of the most meaningful and popular ideas for ladies, a butterfly tattoo symbolizes new beginnings, grace and beauty. A butterfly tattoo with spread wings, shows the adventurer within you. The best placements for this tattoo are the back and shoulder.

Heart tattoos: Heart is one of the most universal signs across the world which requires no explanation. The heart symbolizes love, passion, innocence and relationship. There are different types of heart tattoos such as the pierced heart, the broken heart, the intertwined heart and the red heart.

Some other cool tattoo designs meant for ladies include zodiac tattoos, dolphin tattoos, dragonfly tattoos, fairy tattoos, strawberry tattoos and star tattoos.

Tattoos for men

Celtic tattoo: The Celtic tattoos involve using different Celtic symbols and they are popular among men due to their masculinity features. Some of the commonly used patterns include knot work patterns, animals, maze and step, spirals among others. These tattoos are often done on the arms.

Tribal tattoos: These designs are over several decades old and are carried out with black ink. Some of the popular designs include flames, tribal armbands, totems, scorpions, crosses, dragons among others. The reason why the tribal tattoos are more popular among men is that they introduce an element of spirituality.

The bird wing tattoos: When it comes to a bad wing tattoo for men, it's limited to birds such as the hawk, the kite and the eagle. Like most of the winged tattoos, bird wing tattoos also signify freedom.

The skull tattoo: The skull tattoos symbolize change and remind men to live their life to the fullest while remembering that death is inevitable. Currently, these tattoos have gained much popularity that almost all tattoo enthusiasts, from common people to celebrities, love them.

The monster tattoos: These tattoos are one of the most favorites because it symbolizes energy and power. Whether elaborate or small, monster tattoos will definitely attract attention. The devil, vampires or zombies, just name it and the tattoo can be done on your arm. If tattooing scary monsters are not your favorite, you can go for cartoons or caricatures of monsters or a little devil with a pointed-tail. You can even seek inspirations from the mythological monsters.

Exotic font tattoos: Another common trend among men is tattooing of phrases and words in exotic languages. Using different styles and fonts would enable you have a wide variety of options to select. On the other hand, thorough research is necessary so that you do not get a tattoo that signifies something completely different from your initial intentions.

Chinese symbol tattoos: Chinese symbols, though originating from the ancient periods, have regrown in popularity even now. There are more than a thousand Chinese symbols with different special meanings. You can choose any of the symbols that define your personality in the best way.