Many people are familiar with the term DUI, also known as Driving under Influence. But do you know that there is also a similar term called Boating under Influence? BUI was derived from DUI because of the increasing number of boating accidents caused by drivers who are either intoxicated, under drug influence, or both.

Similar to vehicle accidents, boating accidents happen because of several things and one of them is BUI. If you are fond of drinking /Alcoholic Beverages">alcoholic beverages before operating your boat, here are a few reminders regarding excessive alcohol intake:

  • Altered cognitive activities and judgments – Once you are intoxicated, you will be less aware of the things that are happening around the boat. In some cases, you may even be unaware of the boat's movement.

  • Impaired physical capabilities – Boat operators who are under the influence of alcohol may experience certain levels of dizziness and may fall over the boat when it makes a relatively sharp turn.

  • Blurry or double-vision – Obstructed vision is one of the main problems of boat operators who are under alcohol influence.

  • Alcohol affects certain parts of the ear – The ears are crucial for people to distinguish what should be the right position. According to studies, an alcoholic individual tends to have weaker sense of balance and direction. This can cause problems if he falls over from the boat.

Boat operators who are proven to be boating under influence would be apprehended by the Coast Guard. Suspension of boating license, fines, and jailing are just some of the possible penalties for law offenders. If you do not want to lose the chance to use your boat leisurely, here are some tips to avoid boating under influence accidents:

  • Bring along drinks that do not have alcohol content.

  • Take with you snacks and food.

  • Consider to wear cool clothing.

  • Make your boating trip short but enjoyable.

  • If you cannot avoid including alcohol drinks in your party, choose a location that will not require you to operate your boat, and even drive.

  • If you dock on a certain location to drink alcoholic beverages, set a reasonable time before you operate the boat.

Boating is a relaxing and enjoyable activity especially if you are a nature lover. Whether at low or high speed, boats have the ability to entertain you and your passengers as you pass by the wonders of nature. If you can just realize how wonderful such sceneries are, you would be so preoccupied that you would not have enough time to take even a single sip.